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fly by? It’s the AGM …

The outgoing Committee’s ‘annual report’ to the AGM gives an overview of the year’s activities – a detailed report could take up a whole Newsletter as there have been so many developments. I think all members would agree that the outgoing Committee has done a great job, and as Chairman I’d like to thank them all. Many of them are willing to stand for election again, and would like your support in the elections, but all positions are of course open to all members and if you might be interested in having a go, please see the Job Descriptions on the web site, and have a chat with any existing Committee member, then get yourself nominated and seconded.

I hope you’ve all had a good year with Ilkley Harriers, and that you’ll want to renew your membership for 2010/2011. The membership year ends on 30 September and renewal forms will be sent

out as soon as possible after the AGM agrees the subscription fees. Finally, an old chestnut came up at the last Committee meeting – grumbles about members not wearing their Club vest at races. The forthcoming Complete Runner and PECO XC Leagues, and all the XC Championship events, require you to wear a Club vest. Fell races and some other races are more relaxed, but we’d encourage all members to wear their Ilkley Harriers vest at any race – it’s good for the image of the Club and promotes team spirit. Paul Wood, Chairman

Nominations welcome for Club positions

It’s our AGM at the end of September. It’s after the Tuesday night run, so get yourself there. And there will be a buffet. Last year’s was really well attended, and was finished by 9.30. Time for a drink afterwards.

As well as the Committee’s report and the accounts, the AGM does of course elect the Club’s Officers and Committee for the next year. Would you like to be nominated for any of these positions? Every Club position is re-elected every year; some position-holders will wish to continue and others will not.

Why not have a chat to one of the existing committee to see what’s involved and then simply get someone to nominate and second you. Nomination forms for club officers, committee members, and other posts will be available on Tuesday nights.

The minutes of the 2009 AGM are available on the web site so members can read them before the meeting, copies also available at the meeting.


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