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observations on the poet’s whole poetic output and its respective responses. Appendix IV concludes the book with the bio-data of the poet and his works. Each facet of Bhatnagar’s poetry is excellently discussed and assessed remarkable with apt comparisons of his poetry with different poets of different countries. This fact is also equally surprising that a well established Hindu poet has earned immense appraisal in feeling and poetic emotions from those eyes that are set to decide on the basis of English language system. Almost all the critics assume that Mahendra Bhatnagar is a progressive poet of the modern era-the book is handsomely bind and give intuition of its contents. The book embodies a valuable diversity of comments relating to Bhatnagar’s poetry and the diverse contributor’s analyses of specific texts by eminent scholar are a commendable attempt. Overall save few articles the cumulative power of the book is immense because most of the critics before attempting their critique strove sincerely to absorb his poems. So the book will certainly pave its path of progress to pave him a progressive poet. My best wishes are always with him.

References: ‘Introduction’ , Indian English Writing, Delhi: Bahri pub., 1987, p-15



Reviewed by Dr. Shaleen Kumar Singh Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar has now, by his sheer brilliance command over poetic sensibilities and

excellence in emotive content has acquired a distinct place among the Indian English Poets. His journey of poetry commences from Hindi poetry to translated English poetry and now he has written a number of fine poems in English. Being essentially a poet of thought than that of idea and a poet of the down- trodden and the downcast, he has shown his merits of Romantics and Realist also. His poems are the living pictures of his poetic sojourn which at times soars into the sky of imagination and at times stops a while on the ground of reality and looks at the predicament of the underprivileged and the sufferers of free India even after glorious 60 years of independence. The present book Poet Mahendra Bhatnagar : His Mind and Art is a collection of critical essays

and book reviews on the poetry of Mahendra Bhatnagar. It carries 36 essays on different aspects of poet’s poetry, essays in French and a few book reviews in the section of Appendix. Going through the various articles on the poetry of Mahendra Bhatnagar’s poetry is no less

interesting. For, the scholars like Anita Myles, Purnima Ray, Kedar Nath Sharma, H.C.Gupta, Narendra Sharma Kusum, Laxmi Shankar Sharma, P.Jayaraman, Dr. Ram Sharma, Kalpna Rajput, D.C.Chambial


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