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EFT technique

Stick Men with EFT

by Karen Young W

hen I’m working on my own issues I often find that I’m struggling to see exactly how I feel about something. For instance, I know that something makes me angry but tapping on being angry doesn’t feel like it’s getting me anywhere fast. So I use a different tool to take myself out of the situation and get a better look at what’s happening.

I imagine that I’m drawing stick men to repre- sent the situation. This starts with a stick man of me and often includes a scene and other people. I draw the scene if I feel that it will help, however I find that my visualisations are good enough to get me started most of the time.

I look at the stick man of me and see how he’s feeling. (I always use stick ‘man’ as I don’t feel the need to be politically correct with gender). I look at his body language and his expres- sion. I ask myself where he is and if anyone else is there. If there is another person, how are they feeling? How big are the stick men in relation to each other, if they have colours then are they relevant and what are they?

Then I do the part which is most important for me. I ask myself how I feel looking at the stick man. I often find that what comes up for me is quite unpleasant and gets worse, hence my resistance to see it in the first place. I often find that I can’t accept the stick man, but I can usually accept my feelings about him. For instance, I may feel hate or disgust and I allow these feelings and tap on them. Sometimes I find that pacing up and down helps me to release big negative feelings. I try to keep the phrasing simple and just repeat what I’m feel- ing, such as ’I hate you’. I always refer to the stick man as ‘you’ or ‘she’ depending on how distant I want to feel. This varies as I go along and I just say what feels right.

A gentle way to reconnect with yourself

As I watch the stick man in his scene and tap on my feeling, my feelings can get worse for a while. I just keep going, no- ticing any changes which may come up and allowing myself to say whatever I feel. After a while my feelings start to mel- low a little and I can start to add phrases like ‘I can’t accept you yet but I’m working on it’ to acknowledge my end goal. The outcome is or the stick man to be happy and for me to feel acceptance of him. I prefer anyone else who may have cropped up to have left the scene. I believe that my issues start with me and end with me.

I find it a little scary how big my negative feelings about my- self can be sometimes, but I always enjoy the relief I get on the issue after the tapping.

With so much energy going into negative things I like to think of it as a chunk of energy I’ve reclaimed for something crea- tive and powerful.

As variations on a theme, use the follow- ing:

- Imagine that I have a big piece of paper attached to the wall and do nice big clear drawings on this

- Actu-

ally have a big piece of paper attached to the wall for drawings

- Use a white board

- Imagine a 3D scene on a table top

- Sketch in a notebook. Re-draw every few rounds as it clarifies what changes have occurred.


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