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EFT technique

The Power of Writing a Letter


Hidden and shiſting aspects are something we oſten come across in EFT and I have fequently dealt with clients where this has been a problem. Experience has taught me a lot, and I have great respect and admiration for those I have learned fom.


y client Marie, a former skeptic of EFT, wanted me to share this brief story with you. What I've outlined here is a varia-

tion of the Tell the Story technique, which I call "Write a Letter" and it is one I'd use again.

Marie came to see me because she hadn't been able to lose any weight and knew it was because she fre- quently resorted to comfort foods. It was no surprise then when her eat- ing habits changed after the sudden death of her husband 3 years ear- lier. Marie had so much hurt, guilt, and sadness within her but could not connect these emotional issues with her diet. She kept saying, "Why can't you just tap me not to eat?"

She was a bit skeptical of EFT so we started tapping on her belief that it

wouldn’t work. Then we gradually moved on to her sadness which reduced from a level of intensity of more than 10 on a scale of 0 to 10, to a healthy 0 out of 10 with a sigh at the end. We had the same suc- cess with the hurt and all the other emotions and aspects that cropped up.

When I moved on to the guilt, some shifts were taking place but there seemed to be many aspects. I had an idea that might help. Marie had told me her husband often worked away from home so I asked her if she were to write a letter to her husband and he was able to read it, what would she write.

She thought about this for a minute and hesitated so we tapped, Even though I don't know how to begin this letter to George… Very soon,


the words flowed and flowed about how she wished she'd gone to Am- sterdam with him when he asked, if only she'd been more vigilant about his illness, if only she'd been there when he died, how she wished she never nagged him about his slip- pers near the front door and so on.

As with the Tell the Story technique, I asked her to stop at any point where she felt an emotion (and do EFT on it). There were many tears and lots of laughter about the good times. After a couple of sessions, her problem with comfort food dis- appeared quickly.

Marie recognized her eating pat- terns were a result of her loneli- ness. She later joined a women's group and gave a talk on EFT and the rest are now all avid students of this wonderful technique!

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