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northern gathering 2011

ers in the audience, there was a tremendous sense of pride and joy as I saw my students take to the stage to share their extraor- dinary personal and professional learning in front of probably the largest group of people they had ever spoken too. The Gathering is intended for first timers and the audience are supportive and en- couraging, several times I looked round to see people tapping for a presenter’s nerves.

This year it was Jessica Mor who stepped in with a few days no- tice and her deeply profound and inspiring account of how learning and using EFT has brought her life back to her after years of serious mental health conditions held the audience rapt and it is to be hoped that the many mental health profes- sionals there

realised the pos- sibilities for the integra-

tion of EFT into mainstream care. Jessica’s message to all who use EFT is to stay with and respect the present moment and the sub- jective experience of the client. There is no need to try to change or fix consciously because it’s the tapping that does the work. This was also the message of Andy Hunt that we don’t need ‘prema- ture reassurance’

Karen Young who’s life turned upside down when she lost her job and her partner when pregnant with her first child shared how she made tapping a regular process and transformed breakdown to breakthrough.

We also learned how EFT helps to relieve the distress of parents of autistic children from Claire Hay- es; those going through the meno- pause from Karen Lewis; and cou- ples with fertility issues from Sarah Holland. Jay Kelly spoke about the role of nutrition in cancer care and prevention and Jan Munchin shared moving stories of her work with those undergoing cancer treatment. Frances Goodall spoke about chronic fatigue and spiritual emergency.

Phil Reed shared the ‘Natty LaLa’ and his successful work in inner

ance in relationships he also gave us the ability to re-experience the Gathering through the excellent quality audios he made and ed- ited. These will be hosted on the website for the EFT Masterclass (October 22/23 2011 in York) and are freely available to all without time limit at comand click on the link at the top left of the home page to access the Gathering resource pages with photos, audios and the present- er’s handouts.

city schools. Sean Grey spoke of his work with top performers and how EFT has saved many musicians and sports people from stage fright.

June Spencer gave a moving and profound demonstration of Inner Repatterning the technique she has developed with Tania Prince and is using with great success for anger management groups.

Heather Carter shared her per- spective on the Law of Attraction and showed us how to wake up an audience with genuine laughter. Ruth Fox concluded the pro- gramme with a demonstra- tion of how we can connect and honour each other.

John Bullough not only gave a truly valu- able presenta- tion on bal-


aged the registration and hotel contract. We owe a big thanks to Andy who did all this time con- suming work as a volunteer. Just as Roy Martin is doing for our next event the Spring Gathering in the Midlands

Gwyneth Moss

AAMET gratefully received a donation of £2,634.96 raised by Andy Eckley, through the

event. 39

All of this happened because of the behind the scenes work of Andy Eckley who this year put the programme together and man-

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