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event report

The 2011 EFT

Northern Gathering

by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master T

his was our third EFT Gathering in Ilkley and a great success for the 120 tappers who came to share and enjoy learn-

ing and community. Some were newcomers who gained a sense of what is possible with EFT and were enthused to learn more: some had been tapping for years and yet gained something from each of the presenters and made new friendships and connec-

tions. At the breaks, which never seemed long enough, the coffee area was full of chattering groups; people who had met at previous Gatherings and first timers who simply joined in.

Seventy of us had dinner

together on Saturday night and there was a constant hum of con- versation

and laughter interrupted only by songs and music from the future EFT X Factor candidates. Who will forget my recorder accom- paniment to Heather Smiles and

enthralled us, quilt makers sat in sewing groups, singers and musi- cians entertained and all in a warm atmosphere of community. We needed something like this in the EFT world to bring isolated tappers together and to act as a spring- board for practitioners with some- thing to say to launch their careers and reach a wider audience.

James Pelham belting out all eight verses of Ilkley Moor Bah’t ‘At and John Bullough’s recital of ‘Little Albert’ with a perfect Lancashire accent.

The idea for the first EFT Gather- ing, run in January 2009, came to me after the experi- ence of a Cowboy Gathering in a small town in rural Wyoming. There lifetime cow- boys gave an open and friendly welcome to city dwellers in new boots; poets read their poems, storytellers


This is just what has happened: many of those who are now re- spected as innovators and experts in the EFT world became known through presenting at the Gather- ings. Gillian Wightman and Linda Wood first presented in 2009 and in 2010 everyone will remember a rather nervous Dr Kate James tak- ing to the stage at short notice and holding the whole audience on the edge of their seats as she told her story of her families survival from cancer. And the Gathering has worked its magic too for: Heather Smiles, Rangana Choudhuri, Shoshanna Garfield, Ruth Ablett, Phil Davies and Christine Sutton, plus many more.

This year, as always, each pre- senter had something for us all to learn. For me, as for other train-

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