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after a conversation with my friend John Kurk and I studied the four quarter ShadowWork© model that some more pennies dropped.

Cliff Barry developed a very pow- erful set of tools called Shadow- Work© based on Carl Jung’s work. I did some ShadowWork training with Cliff a few years ago and also worked with currently the only two certified ShadowWork practitioners in the UK, John and Nicola Kurk

One of the many things I find extremely valuable from Shadow- Work© is the 4-quarter model of Archetypes mentioned above.


ShadowWork is based on four ar- chetypes (Lover, Warrior, Magician and Sovereign) and it suggests that we all have these parts within ourselves. What I especially love about ShadowWork© is its utterly respectful and inclusive approach (all parts of us are essential parts of us and all parts are welcome) and that it not only presents a model for human thinking, feeling and being, but also that it offers effective tools for each quadrant (archetype).

It takes many years of dedication to become a ShadowWork© facilita- tor; what follows is simply a very high level overview of some of the many aspects of the archetypes:

Lover: The Lover is the part of you that loves chocolate, red wine and sex on the beach; the part that feels and that’s in touch with your body. This is the

part that has no boundaries, only ever wants to say ‘yes‘ to every-

thing, the part that gives you that extra hour in bed; this is where ad- dictions usually live. An inflated lover is overwhelmed with emotion whilst a deflated lover is stoic. The gate- way emotion* to the lover is sadness or grief.

Warrior: This is the part of you that does, that says ‘no’, protects your bounda- ries, gets on with the job even if you’re

tired, feeds the children and yourself even when you’re hurt. The deflated warrior is a victim, the inflated war- rior a savage or bully. The gateway emotion* to the warrior is anger.

Magician: this is the part of you that thinks, is intelligent, can reason,

detach and be objec- tive. This is the part of you that facilitate, your sha- man. This

is the cheeky and humorous part of you, the trickster, and the ma- nipulator. The deflated Magician is confused and the inflated Magician thinks they know it all. The gateway emotion* to the Magician is fear.

Sovereign: This is the part of you that sees and blesses; the part of you with vision and purpose that deeply and truly knows what you need to be happy

and fulfilled, that bless yourself and others; the archetype of true internal leadership. The deflated Sovereign says that it’s too hard and the inflat- ed Sovereign thinks it can do it all. The gateway emotion* to the Sover- eign is joy.


Gateway emotion: This does not mean that you have to experience that feeling all the time to access the given archetype. It does mean that the way towards a more bal- anced archetype is by working through that feeling, e.g. to have access to a more balanced Lover archetype you have to working through your unresolved grief, to have access to a more balanced Warrior archetype you have to working through your unresolved anger.


OF SHAME Cliff also found that every arche- type has a shaming message

and that the shaming message of the Magician is “I am bad”. This caught my attention because if the message of the magician was the message of shame (I am bad), then maybe the strengths and tools of the magician was also the way out of shame.

Shame based people remind me of the anorexic: standing in front of a mirror with barely enough flesh on their bones to survive yet they still see a fat person – driving the

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