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If you feel down after the winter then hopefully our Spring edition will lift your spirits and encourage you to motivate yourself into trying something new.


me, the “Universe” has decided that I should become involved with cancer sup- port groups here on the island of Malta and Gozo. For the AAMET there’s an air of excitement about the crea- tion of a new AAMET Research Team.

Proud to be your Association!

Our purpose is to share, help and support anyone interested in but not limited to, Meridian Energy Therapies. The AAMET welcomes members from all over the world

If you would like to submit features or contribute to the magazine please send your ideas to our Editor. For en- quiries or information on advertising please contact our Communications Team. For information about becom- ing a member of AAMET, please visit the website and join online.

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There’s also the anticipated May Gathering in Birming- ham that includes an AAMET Trainers’ Conference on 20th May and the Executive Committee’s (AEC) first Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the evening of Saturday 21st May. You can register for the Trainers’ Conference through the AAMET website. At the AGM each of the AEC members will present a report on their achievements during the first year and the accounts will also be available for inspection. We will also be putting ourselves up for election to serve for a term as stipulat- ed in the Statute. You will have the opportunity to vote at the AGM and in the future we will look into the pos- sibility of opening this up to a postal ballot. When our global mailing facility is fully operational we will also be canvassing votes from you on various issues. This is what belonging to a democratic Association such as the AAMET gives it’s members - reassurance and empow- erment.

By the way, we’re happy to announce our member- ship numbers are now in the 1,000’s and rising. Please spread the word about our good work and the benefits of being a member of the AAMET.

Thank you Helena Fone, AAMET Chairperson

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