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META- Medicine

7. On the other side of the HC the symptoms start to release and much nurturing is required

8. Of course the therapeutic interventions can be ap- plied at any stage throughout

the model. But if a condition is the sort of chronic condition that comes and goes, it will continue to recur until its been identified and ousted

9. Return to ‘norm’

This system allows the practitioner to ascertain whereabouts in the disease process a client is, be- cause each symptom can be explained as to why it is there. And likewise a layperson can glean insight and learn how to deal with their issues through greater conscious awareness. And the reason is because:

Every pimple, cold, epidemic, headache, pain and serious disease has a reason and leaves clues as to its innate cause.

Most diseases are chronic and this model interrupts that pattern which is how it manages to deliver an informed outcome.

The UDIN moment The conflict shock is defined thus: • U=Unexpected • D=Dramatic • I=Isolating • N=No coping strategy

As a UDIN occurs (the phrase was coined by Richard) at stage 2 (of the 2-phase model) it starts the disease process and is where the therapist’s detective skills are brought into play.

In identifying what created a client’s original issue (and there may be many associations that trigger off their disease/issue from their history) it reduces the time needed to make a significant change for the client, and avoids being led down blind alleys.

MM makes this important distinction because as a shock affects an organ the whole body’s energy net- work takes a hit, and the stronger the hit the deeper the impact. And the deeper the impact the more hor- rible the disease.

But what happens as the body goes into stress is that a person’s whole life-landscape can change dramatically, where they become downward spiralling instead of upwardly so.

They may no longer want to bother with people, work or hobbies that inspired them previously. Social and environmental interests can take a complete u-turn as an effect of the stress-phase. Even their sexual- ity can change. And of course, as practitioners, we know only too well the ramifications these symptoms inflict.

Brain CT Scans

The brain/organ links have been qualified through the application of Brain CT’s (computer tomography) which is a more revealing and complex x-ray for the purposes of MM. Although mostly unnecessary when treating clients, they serve to back up the theory be- hind META-Medicine and can be called into play for serious or terminal disease.

The evidence is found where the infected organ area leaves an energetic imprint that shows up as a ring on the x-ray. And x-rays resonate at the same fre- quency as emotions so what are seen on CT-scans are trapped emotional conflicts. A similar shaped ring is duplicated on the corresponding diseased body organ scan, proving the mind/body connection. The MM CT-scan reader is able to determine the age of a conflict, its stage of activity and the number of previ- ous associations of time a client has triggered off the UDIN moment making the issue chronic. As you can imagine this provides excellent information for practi- tioners and medical staff alike. And medical doctors are starting to take notice and some have, others are training in META-Medicine.


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