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SIXTH FORM COLLEGE Extra-Curricular Activities in the Sixth Form

In this division girls move to one of the sixth form houses. They make new friends, meet a new Housemistress or Housemaster, and move their base from West Wing into the Sixth Form Block. Their new Head of Division and Tutor will remain with them until they leave. The Tutor works with parents and House staff to prepare their girls for higher level study and the transition to university life.

Academic Programme

In the sixth form curriculum we seek to maintain as much choice as possible, enabling girls to develop the strongest possible CV for their university applications. Currently, we offer 25 subjects in the sixth form and many girls take more than the minimum number. College offers both the AS/A2 and the International Baccalaureate (IB) routes for sixth form. For AS/A2, it is possible to take up new subjects in the sixth form, including Government and Politics, History of Art and Economics. The IB route offers a broader curriculum, requiring study of 6 subjects to include maths, experimental science and a modern foreign language. Despite a busy academic curriculum, many girls continue to take private lessons in music and drama in their sixth form years.

During the Autumn and Spring terms girls choose from hockey, lacrosse, netball, aerobics, rowing, badminton, golf, multi-gym, squash, swimming, rowing or riding. During the Summer term they take one of tennis, athletics, cricket, swimming, rounders, golf, riding, rowing, sailing or wind- surfing. All sport is taught by people fully qualified to do so, some of whom continue to play at the highest levels of their sport.

The range of extra-curricular activities available to Sixth Formers is huge. There are organised clubs and societies, activities linked to academic life, music, drama and sport. In addition, every encouragement is given to girls to organise their own activities and speakers. Often girls have extra-curricular activities quite unrelated to school: some girls belong to local drama groups or to organisations like the Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra. Each girl will discuss her extra- curricular programme with her Tutor: we encourage them to organise a balanced, sustainable and fulfilling set of extra-curricular commitments. For girls hoping to study university courses which have particularly demanding entry requirements, their extra-curricular programme can significantly enhance their chance of success.

University Advice

During the first year in the sixth form girls can visit two universities in the Spring term and as many as they wish in the holidays. Girls are introduced to the UCAS procedures during the Summer term. Their Tutor will be able to provide on-going support and information about the universities and courses which are of interest.

Girls apply to Oxford and Cambridge, to overseas universities, to Art and Medical Schools as well as to other good UK universities. Whatever they wish to do it is likely there will be staff at College who can help them to prepare. The world of university entrance changes rapidly and our provision changes to respond to the needs of particular girls, something we have seen in the growth of applications to USA, for example.

Nearly all girls go on to university or Higher Education Colleges, applying either in their final year with us or after receiving their results. Even with post-result application, a girl’s Tutor will be on hand to advise and will be the person who writes her testimonial.


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