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the feed industry. The Solid State Disinfection programme with Sal CURB® nutricines makes an important

contribution to the successful implementation of Good Cleaning Procedures in the feed chain surfaces and equipment in contact with the feed. For an easy and efficient application of the sanitizing agent, Kemin has developed special applicators for quick, appropriate and safe product distribution. By applying in the feed a suitable Sal CURB®

feed preservative, the avoidance of feed

recontamination along the feed chain is successfully achieved. The optimum results are obtained thanks to the services behind the product, like the proper application systems, monitoring results and validating the hygiene programme.

NOVUS UK on behalf of Novus Europe Contact person: Neil Turner Regional Area Manager North West EAME

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Novus has broadened its range of products to provide solutions in the area of feed preservation and salmonella control. Mould growth is a serious problem in feeds and raw materials, especially while stored. Adding

PRO-STABIL™ Preservative Premixture, permanently inhibits or kills off the micro-organisms adhering to cereals and other feed materials. One of today’s challenges in modern animal production houses is the sanitation of drinking

water which can be contaminated with pathogens like Salmonella and E. coli. Therefore acidification of drinking water with ACTVATE®

WD Max is an effective way of reducing pathogens and improving

water sanitation. SURF•ACE™ is a liquid preservative premixture which exerts an emulsifier action that improves

conditioning, and the overall quality of the final feed product. Additionally, it decreases the costs of feed production through energy savings and environmental improvements. ® Novus & Activate are registered trademarks of Novus International Inc. and are registered in the USA and other countries. ™ Pro-Stabil & Surf-Ace are trademarks of Novus International inc.

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Question: What is the similarity between cats, boots, bird droppings, flies, mice and pigs? Answer: On farm they are all a greater source of Salmonella than feed! Question: So why, when we have a bacterial infection in the animal, do we always blame the feed? Answer: Because it is easier than getting everything else correct! This is why feedmills require an products to cover all these different areas and the single most important focus area has to be a product that works in the intestine. This was the main benefit of antibiotics but now we cannot use these we require a feed additive that has both preservative and in-gut effects. Kiotechagil have always approached feed hygiene from a microbiological rather than a chemical

perspective and so the product range has evolved to protect feed and raw materials with liquid products in a safe to use format. Coupled with a protective carrier to optimise the commensal microflora numbers in the gut, these same acids can be used to competitively exclude pathogens. Kiotechagil products create the ideal conditions for commensal microflora to dominate the intestine. Kiotechagil have created a complete range of products to target different sectors of the industry:

MiteX for insect control, MYCOSTAT for mould control, SALKIL for breeders and layers, BACT-A-CID for sows, PREFECT for newly weaned pigs and our newest product, pHorce for raw materials and fast growing broilers and growers.


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It is well documented that enterobacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter cause serious problems in todays livestock production systems. The pressure on the use of antibiotics in feed has lead to many being banned and the use of certain other key compounds being questioned by the medical profession. It is down to us as key stakeholders in the feed/food chain to do all we can to ensure food is produced in a safe, cost effective welfare friendly way. Optivite has been involved in providing solutions for controlling enterobacteria for many years. This

started with the development of Salgard around the time of the Salmonella crisis in the layer industry. Salgard is now a well proven powerful antimicrobial for use in feeds and feed ingredients for all species. Intensive research and development has lead to us being able to assign an energy value to Salgard allowing the cost of inclusion to be reduced or even negated. Further development has lead to the Genex family of products for sows, growing pigs and growing poultry. The synergistic combination of volatile fatty acids, natural oils and plant extracts allows the feed


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