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Environmentally friendly heating

The Bishop of Leicester blessed the new heating system at All Saints Somerby during his Lent pilgrimage in 2009 – this was covered by BBC local news. The system is helping to tackle climate change and saving money in the process.

The air source heat pump system absorbs heat from the outside, and via heat exchanger units releases the hot air into the building through small wall mounted units. The system works at low temperatures, even as low as -15C. Surprisingly it produces as much as 5.45 kW of heat energy from just 1 kW of electricity supplied. Being extremely cost effective the running costs are approximately £2.50 per hour compared to over £20 per hour with the old system. CO2

emissions are reduced by at least 50%. The system has the capacity to cool as well as heat, and remove moisture from the atmosphere helping to conserve the building, which suffers from damp problems.

All Saints Somerby are happy to be making a contribution towards helping to save the planet by saving money, saving our wonderful Grade 1 listed building and warming the previously frozen hands and feet of the congregation!

For more information contact Fuad Hamzeh, project manager and PCC member of All Saints Somerby or visit  Fuad Hamzeh


Crossing the threshold

I have seen the future of rural church buildings – and it works. At least it does with lots of consultation, some imagination, inspiration and perhaps even a lift!

The Diocese of Hereford pointed the way to the future with a conference designed to highlight how to develop wider community uses for its church buildings. The event Crossing The Threshold also saw the launch of a DVD and toolkit outlining how to take a building project from conception to completion.

Some of the 200 delegates who attended from all parts of the country were given an opportunity to visit Peterchurch, where the church building is being converted so that it will house local and central government children’s services and a branch library, while continuing as a living place of worship. Others went to Yarpole where the village’s community shop and Post Office have recently moved into the church.

Wendy Coombey, Community Partnership and Funding Officer for the Diocese of Hereford said: "At Peterchurch we are certain that the branch library on the first floor via lift access in a Grade I listed church, is a first and it will be still be functioning as a village church. On the ground floor Government and local authority services for children will be delivered to a large rural area, all part of a £300,000 project."

To download the toolkit for free, called Crossing the threshold – a community development approach to the use of church buildings go to: community_partnership_and_funding/ about_us_and_latest_news/index.aspx 

Bob Calver,

Editor The NEWSpaper, Diocese of Hereford


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