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Hudson - Litchfield News February 18, 2011 - 3

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

What I Voted For

In response to a letter by Mr. Schneiderman about so- called predatory loans, I would like to answer “yes.” That is, “Yes, this is what I voted for.” The law that Mr. Schneiderman proposes for all New Hampshire residents would simply prevent me or anyone else from pursuing a business arrangement that I would otherwise choose to do; for example, selling a car to a family member. While possibly a bad idea, it should not be illegal. This would be a subject more properly for me to discuss with my parents, such as discussing personal grooming, healthcare, and abortion. I don’t want politicians to tell me how to do business, for they are notoriously bad at math. I’m sure Mr. Schneiderman will agree, as will anyone who has listened to politicians discuss millions, billions, and trillions lately. I am actually pretty good at math, personally speaking, and I thank my parents for this as well. They also taught me that a law that prevents moral activity is called “repression” and not “freedom.” This is the “Live Free or Die” state, and I would find it hard to support a law that restricts my freedom for some arbitrary and politically inspired reason.

So yes, this is what I voted for. Freedom. Reggie Bushong - Hudson

Why I Am Running for School Board

They say experiences growing up have an influence on

what you value and how you live your life. Circumstances in my childhood instilled in me the importance of community, supporting children, and the value of educational opportunities. I grew up in poverty. There was no disposable income;

every penny was pinched, clothes were hand-me-downs, and extra blankets and sweaters were needed, because heat was too expensive. I learned how to make do and do without. I qualified for free and reduced lunch at school. At Christmas, the presents I received were those that arrived from the local church collected for “needy” kids. At age 10, I moved in with relatives and began attending one of the best school districts in Massachusetts. That school provided a variety of quality educational and extra- curricular opportunities. School programs allowed me to play after-school sports, take a foreign language, and play a musical instrument. By junior high, playing an instrument required private lessons, so I had to stop. When my entire class was going on a week-long outdoor classroom experience, I was the only one who couldn’t afford to go. Some anonymous person provided scholarship money so I could go with my class after all. In high school I was in the college track, although I could not afford college. I was a three-season athlete, a good student, taught Sunday School, and paid my own way working every hour I could at a part-time job and saving my pennies as a waitress. After graduation, I worked full time for a year, saved up, and enrolled in college. I worked my way through four years of college and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in nutrition. I was the first one on my family to earn a college degree. While in college I met my husband, who was working and paying his own way through college as well. We married, continued to work hard, raise a family, and live happily ever after, as the saying goes. I’m involved at the Litchfield Community Church and food pantry. I have helped create connections to our schools through a variety of programs to provide for local children. At Christmas, I buy presents for the food pantry for as many “needy” children as I can afford. I have collected school supplies for the Nashua Soup Kitchen, and this year collected school supplies for Litchfield’s children. I have supported through donations of time and money our music programs; scholarships for educational trips, especially the eighth grade Washington, DC trip; and numerous programs that provide educational opportunities to students. The variety of programs in our schools I have volunteered for or coached are too many to be listed. I run for School Board because I believe the most important thing we can invest in is the education of children. I know firsthand the impact a quality education can have. Quality education can be the single most important factor in the economic well-being of our community, state, and nation, not to mention the individual themselves. How well we prepare students to be productive, knowledgeable, participating members of society has an impact on everyone. Having experienced poverty, homelessness, and the need to carefully budget every penny helps me understand education is not something to take for granted or something that we can do just the minimum—with education, if you stand still you really fall behind. Everything has a cost and a value and they’re not the same thing. Knowing how to keep an eye on the costs without losing sight of the value is critical. That is why I am running for School Board.

Cynthia Couture - Litchfield Remember November?

We made major changes last November in state and national political offices, and we now need a major change on the Litchfield School Board. For far too long,

we have not had any say or control in the Litchfield School System; we keep pouring money into the schools with no accountability to us—I know, we’re told that we have no say in how the money we taxpayers give to the schools is spent, but … we are the ones paying the bills and we certainly should have some answers. The issue is not just about money—it is about the quality of education those dollars are buying. We have some good teachers and administrators, but we, as parents and taxpayers, have to control what our children are learning and what that education is costing us. For far too long, our School Board has not been standing up for us or our children. We have made some changes over the past few years and it is important to make a major change in the open seat to the Litchfield School Board. Trisha D’Alleva is running for the Litchfield School Board and she will be the change we certainly need—she has a very strong sense of accountability and a stronger amount of common sense! We need her on our board to make sure our children get the education they need to face the challenges that are ahead for them in life, and to represent us taxpayers on that board.

Joan Fulton - Litchfield

My Reasons for Running for School Board

Since I have posted a candidate profile in the Hudson~Litchfield News a few weeks ago, there has been some question about why I am seeking to be elected to the School Board. I would like to take a minute and explain why I am running for the School Board. I am not seeking a term on the School Board because

I want to cut, cut, and cut. I am seeking a term on the School Board because I have a 9-year-old daughter in this public school district and I feel very strongly that she is getting one of the best educations that our tax dollars can pay for. Her teacher is a wonderful teacher who takes the time to explain to the students what it is she is teaching and the reasons why they are learning. I now understand more about the teachers in this school district in that they are not working in Hudson for the salaries they are paid, they are working for the students because they care. This is truly reflected in the grades that my daughter has been receiving.

Another thing; it is not only about my daughter in the

school system, it is about all the students in the district. My goal is to be elected to the School Board to find a strategic balance in budgeting our tax dollars and coming up with ways to continue a quality education for all students while keeping the tax rate down. If it were my intention to just cut out of the budget funds for the district, then the voters would be best served by me on the budget committee, where it would be easier to propose cuts and make the cuts happen. That is not my goal. Through the budgeting process, I have learned a lot more of municipal budgeting and found that I would like to have the opportunity to create the budget and be part of presenting a budget that I feel best represents the people. Let it be clear that our children are our future and I want to represent our children and the parents of the district on the School Board. The best way to look at the budgeting process for our tax dollars is to serve on the governing body that produces the budget and make a strategic plan by breaking the budget down and assembling what funds it takes to operate a school district efficiently and cost- effectively.

Normand G. Martin - Hudson What’s the Real Issue? I have been a citizen of Hudson for a long time; a

lifetime. I have gone to school here, and my children currently go to school in town. Recently, I have heard grumblings regarding a custodian at Alvirne H.S., who has been an employee of the school and friend to many teens and parents along their high school journey. Interested in the situation, I inquired more about what was going on. This custodian, with his decades of service to our

high school, is an icon to many students and a voice of inspiration. I can remember reading an article in the in the Hudson News, where he had lost a bet with a student, earning her the right to dye his hair the color of her choice (which happened to be purple). In another article, written to

honor Hudson District’s 25 years of service employees, this custodian received a standing ovation, and I quote from the article, “While all

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