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Salem Community Patriot February 18, 2011 - 3

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Obamacare Health Plan Obamacare, as passed in 2010 by the Democrats in

Washington, DC, needs massive improvements, or it is going to sink a lot of Americans. This passed, 2,000-plus unread unconstitutional piece of legislation will impose and control most people in America from the cradle to the grave. Either by costs of the program or lack of benefits! Here are just some instances of what was passed by the misguided Democrats: 1. Page 126: Employers must pay healthcare bills for part-time employees and their families.

2. Page 149: Any individual who doesn’t have acceptable healthcare (according to the government) will be taxed 2.5 percent of their income.

3. Page 170: Any (Non-Resident Alien) is exempt from individual taxes (Americans will pay for them).

4. Page 239: Bill will reduce physician services for Medicare. Seniors and the poor most affected.

5. Page 265: Government mandates and controls productivity for private healthcare industries.

6. Page 298: Doctors, if you treat a patient during an initial admission that results in a readmission, you will be penalized by the government.

7. Page 425: More bureaucracy: Employ advance care planning consultants for: Senior Citizens, for probable assisted suicide, and euthanasia? Some could interpret this as death panels. Also, on page 425, government provides an approved list of end-of- life resources, guiding you to death.

8. Page 427: Government mandates program that orders end-of-life treatment; in other words, dictates how your life ends.

9. Page 469: Government will cover marriage and family therapy. So, they can intervene in your marriage. This is just some of the voted-for and passed Obamacare we can expect unless it is overturned or revised in its present form. The Democrats, including your U.S. Senator, continues to uphold and resort (January 2011 vote) to shove this frightening piece of legislation down the throats of free American people. Call or write them and stop this American nightmare from happening!

Ed Brooks - Salem

Supporting Mike Lyons for Selectman

I am writing this letter to ask for your support for my

brother, Mike Lyons, for Selectman. My family and I have lived in this community for over 40 years. This community is our home and we are proud to call it that. For the past six years, Mike has been honored to serve as your Selectman. He is truly a dedicated public servant, one who is sensitive to the needs of this community. As a current member of the Salem School Board,

I know how important it is to evaluate the needs of a community and work to best meet these needs. A good leader can balance the needs of a diverse group; is honest and trustworthy; and has a vision. A good leader truly cares about his community. Mike is this leader. In the past three years, Mike has had to address the loss of revenue from the state, the resignation and then hiring of a town manager, the nomination of a new Selectman, and our failing infrastructure. It is easy to say, let’s cut services and offer no alternative to a problem. It is the effective leader who assesses what the town needs and works to find a solution. For example, Mike has worked tirelessly to develop a 10-year road plan. This plan moves Salem forward. I would like to keep moving Salem forward in a fiscally responsible way that provides the citizens of this community with the services and environment they deserve. I believe Mike is the best candidate for this. On March 8th, please join me in casting one of your

two votes for Mike Lyons for Selectman. I ask you to vote for someone who truly cares about this community.

Let’s continue to move forward. Patricia Corbett - Salem

Remember This On Your Way to the Voting Poll

Making out your check to the town of Salem for high tax and higher water bills. In bad times like this, folks in Salem are losing their homes and not working, with families to feed. The selectmen are accustomed to spending your tax money with no feeling for the recession in Salem. Time for a change. How to end this stalemate is to get out the vote on Election Day and remove the selectmen that you think are untouchable and replace with new candidates that are not in bed for the unions. Look at how we voted down the water meters at a town vote and they’re again pushing this high million-dollar bill back on us after we said “no” to the water meters. Remove the selectmen now in office and maybe then we have a chance to save our town and make this a fair place to live. Tell your friends to get out and vote and remove all the present

selectmen from office. James Gill - Salem

Paul Huard for Budget Committee

My name is Paul Huard and I am a candidate for the Salem Budget Committee. I am originally from Manchester, and I received my bachelor and master degrees from Keene State College. I started my teaching career in Hillsboro and, when a position in Salem

opened, I jumped on the opportunity. My wife, Kathy, and I fell in love with the town and we knew that this was the perfect place for my daughters, Rebecca and Amy. We have been extremely satisfied with what the town has given us. The town is vibrant, safe, affordable, and provided plenty of opportunities. I spent 33 years as a teacher, advisor, and have been

active in the community and state. I spent 40 years as an umpire/referee in baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and track. I was Co-Founder, Vice-President, and President of the Salem Coaches Association. Our purpose was to bring Title IX issues for equity in sports officiating. I served on the Executive Board for the NH Boy’s Basketball Association and served as President of the NH Track Officials Association. I currently serve as Treasurer. My largest contribution to Salem was to work for students. As class advisor to seven classes, the National Honor Society, the Yearbook, and as Organizer/ Director to the SHS Faculty Scholarship Plays, I believe that my work, along with others, helped students in positive ways. Finally, my work for Dollars for Scholars as President and Trust Fund Trustee since 1988, and the work of many others, helped us distribute over a million dollars to graduates.

My reason for running is simple; I believe that I

have something to offer. I will not categorize myself as political, but I despise partisanship. Look at Washington, look at New Hampshire, and then look at Salem. We have amazing people who work together for us! Since volunteering and then being selected to serve on the Budget Committee, I have learned much. Despite the critics, we are doing pretty well. We have a town that continues to grow, despite individual setbacks. We have mortgage problems and unemployment problems, but we also have one of the lowest tax rates in southern New Hampshire. Letting roads and bridges deteriorate, letting old schools get worse, and reducing police and fire departments to dangerous levels will not solve the housing crisis. Letting it go will cost more in the long run.

We have to make decisions with logic and common sense, and we also need to consider the impact on safety, on attracting people to Salem, and making sure children are not going to be affected by staff cuts and increased class size. Salem has worked hard to do well for all of the population. Salem is safe, with dedicated employees working hard to protect us, educate us, and make our streets safe. Town services are provided to families that are struggling. Our elderly have wonderful services provided to them. My parents, who were teenagers during the Depression, raised me on this simple philosophy, “Enjoy the good stuff, don’t wish for more than you need and, when faced with the bad stuff, try to fix it or, at least make it better. Complaining fixes nothing!”

I make no promises except to work hard to keep

taxes low. I believe the primary responsibility for this, however, belongs to the School Board and the Selectmen. It has been my privilege to work with people who are committed to the taxpayers of Salem. I hope you will give me a chance to serve you. Whatever your decision, I hope that you will vote and continue to support the community.

Paul G. Huard - Salem Patrick McDougall, Candidate

for Salem Budget Committee My name is Patrick McDougall. I have lived in Salem for eight years now with my wife, Jane. My son, Danny, is five years old and is starting kindergarten at the Soule School in September. One of the things I am most proud of is my small video production business, which I hope will flourish in the years ahead. I’m a member of the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce, a proud member of the Salem Republican Town Committee, and I’m also a member of Salem SCTV17. One of the most important things I can bring to the Budget Committee is my current experience of sitting on current town boards. For instance, I was fortunate last March to be elected to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. I will remain in that position regardless of the Budget Committee outcome. Also, several years ago I was placed by the Board of Selectmen on the Conservation Commission and the Route 28 Bicycle Pedestrian Committee. As you can see, I have been extremely involved in this community, and it is time to take it to the next level, which is fiscal responsibility on the Budget Committee. One of the biggest issues we’re facing today are economic hardship, unemployment issues, and our taxpayer mortgage concerns, which are all very difficult problems facing not just Salem, but the nation as well. I believe the voters expect that the Budget Committee members will balance the services of this community with the taxpayers’ ability to pay, which is not easy during these challenging times. That is why as a small business man, I know that every dollar I spend is one less dollar I have to pay my bills and advance my company during these difficult times. I promise to you, the voters of Salem, that I will not spend money we don’t have available to us through the town or school district. I will always be thinking of you, the Salem taxpayers, first before I cast any vote for town or school district tax increases. Since announcing my candidacy to the Budget Committee, I have been meeting with department heads and the Superintendent of Schools about what they are anticipating the capital needs are for the 2012 budget and getting more familiar with their departments. By these meetings, I have heard that there are modest capital improvement concerns among many of the town departments. I have set a tone that we may have to do more with less in the upcoming years unless the local and national economy changes to reflect a positive change in our economic prosperity. Simply put, this Budget Committee election is about fiscal responsibility and all of us working together on

behalf of you, the taxpayers. To accomplish this, we need open, honest, fiscally conservative members who know how to balance a budget without compromising the value of our quality of life we all deserve in Salem. I will always take every vote seriously and put you first. On Tuesday, March 8, please cast one of your two votes for me, Patrick McDougall, for Budget Committee so I can keep a closer eye on our fiscal needs. Thank you for your interests in me.

Patrick McDougall - Salem

Food Pantry Call for Volunteers

If you are an able-bodied man with compassion for your Salem neighbors, we are looking for you! The Food for the Hungry Food Pantry (a Mission of the Pleasant Street United Methodist Church, 8 Pleasant Street) is looking for volunteers. You might be called once a month, maybe once every two months. Many of our volunteers serve 52 weeks of the year (except for a vacation or illness in the family; that is where you would fit in). Our Pantry serves the Salem residents and since we accept Government food ,we follow their guidelines. Clients must follow their criteria. At the present time, we are serving 45-50 families weekly. We were so pleased that during Thanksgiving, we were able to serve 72 Salem families (turkeys, all the fixings, and a bag of groceries for the week). We have great volunteers. We are like an extended family. Many laughs. Lots of work, busy, busy, real nice people. That is what you will experience. Ladies, if you qualify, please respond as well, and we will add you to our sub. list. If you are temporarily unemployed, serving others may be your salvation. Please give this your serious consideration. Our pantry could not exist without our volunteers!

Please call 898-2501. Kay Panciocco - Salem

Support for Paul Huard for Budget

Committee I’m proud and happy to support Paul Huard to continue as a member of Salem’s budget committee. Paul was appointed last year to fill a vacancy and has displayed a thoughtful and careful approach in keeping Salem’s budget under control. I’ve known Paul for half of the 40

years I’ve lived in Salem. First, as a fellow teacher at the high school where his concern for students and involvement in school activities were in daily evidence. Then, as a board member of Dollars For Scholars for the past 18 years. From our meetings, I had already seen his sensible and responsible style. Paul is a workhorse—not a show horse.

TRAVIS TERRY & CO. Certified Public Accountant Personal, Business, Pay Roll & Tax Preparation

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We all expect those who serve us in public office to

have genuine values and character. Anyone who knows Paul knows that his outstanding integrity is a simple fact of his life.

I hope that you will join me in voting for Paul Huard, one of the finest men I know.

John Sytek - Salem

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