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ANGLING AUCTIONS SPECIAL CATALOGUE SALE ~ MARCH 26th 2011 he Graham urner inal Collection

On March 26th 2011, shortly after Graham Turner turns 76 years of age, his final collection of fishing tackle will be offered for sale in London. Included will be some of the most desirable collectors’ reels, rods and lures ever to come to auction. Devotees that have been privileged to preview the contents are predicting the sale will be considered the leading event for the foreseeable future and the special catalogue could itself become a collector’s item. The most important reel, rod and lure in each category is unprecedented even when judged by international standards.

The premier item is classified as - Ustonson’s Original Multiplying Winch circa 1762, in Fishing Tackle : The Ultimate Collector’s Guide, which is the current definitive authority on Ustonson since the author recorded the history of the prestigious maker. The earliest advertisement for the multiplying mechanism was discovered on his trade card in the late- 1760s, followed by a further announcement in The Art Of Angling in 1770. Therefore Onesimus Ustonson has always been credited with being the inventor and his original model has laid claim to marking the birth of bass fishing and

bait casters of America, thus has become a legend on both sides of the Atlantic. Substantiated evidence entitles the recent discovery to further qualify as the earliest surviving winch by a recorded maker and the first to fit a manual level wind that was a hundred years in advance of any other maker.

What must prove equally as exciting will be Lot 147 – the world’s finest display of British lures, many of which are similar to lures used by fishermen in the USA before their country’s artificial bait manufacturers started in business around the middle of the 19th century. The unique collection by the British Wyers brothers trading as Wyers Frères is housed in a framed oak glass-fronted case and comprises 48 artificial baits, amongst which are 5 Coil Lures identical to baits illustrated in Salter’s The Angler’s Guide printed in 1825. There is a superb Golden Lure and a Cleopatra also 6 magnificent Faceted Glass Lures, each in a different shade of colour, together with an additional 35 various forms of bait that complete the presentation. All are in unused condition and enjoy the provenance of having been the flagship display at the finest of all fishing tackle shops in Paris, France for the greater part of the 20th century. It is interesting to note the display was sold in the 1990s for a then record £29,900.00 (around $45,000.00) at a time when the collecting fraternity was not too familiar with its existence or importance.

The rods on offer will be a revelation to discerning collectors, since they offer a combination of quality, historical importance and a provenance that is second to none. All were sourced from the late Princess Diana’s family – The Spencer’s, whose ancestry dates back to the 16th century. The three earliest examples are engraved with the name of the important London maker ‘George Eaton, 6 Crooked Lane,

Legendary Ustonson Original Multiplying Winch circa 1762, described by GT as – THE HOLY GRAIL OF FISHING REELS

London’, the original address where the firm started trading circa 1790s. All are in exceptionally fine condition and each is engraved ‘Earl Spencer’. They were the property of the 4th Earl Frederick Spencer (1798-1857) and one rod is comprised of 9 pieces and includes three butts.

A fourth rod was commissioned for the 21st birthday of the 5th Earl John Poyntz Spencer (1848-1910) and engraved John Shaw Maker Shrewsbury. The workmanship is truly magnificent with extremely fine carving to the butt and silver fittings, with script engraving that records the date of his celebration – ‘October 27th 1856’ also the name of the Spencer home – ‘Althorpe’. Mr Jeffrey Godfrey is the leading authority in Britain on the subject of rods, with a personal collection of 2,500; he considers the Shaw rod the finest he has seen in his lifetime experience.

The aforesaid items are the super-stars among another 300 lots, many of which would be considered as leaders in their own class. To name but a few – the Original Contracted Hardy Perfect – the only known Peters winch, ‘Maker to the Queen, Bell Yard, London’ – JK Farlow winch Crooked Lane, London (only two known reels) – a unique March winch circa 1790s – many newly discovered Hardy models – examples by early London makers not previously seen – lures from the wreck of the SS Medina recovered after 70 years on the seabed – tournament reels used by James Hardy to win the world casting

For Sale Information contact:

ANGLING AUCTIONS PO Box 2095, London W12 8RU Tel: +44(0) 20 8749 4175 Mobile: +44(0) 7785 281349 Email:

championship – three insect lure collections offered for the first time – displays of flies of the finest quality – Ronald’s Fly Fisher’s Entomology 11th edition, the most sought after and valuable – earliest wooden Nottingham reels with clamp- foot fittings and ivory handles – collection of quality lures many of which are in their original boxes – and an archive of early hand-written documents (about 160) relative to Hardy Bros. Included is what must be the company’s most important historical catalogue dated April 27th 1911 for the auction sale of the company’s prestigious premise 61, Pall Mall, London and contains the hand-written agreement for its purchase for the sum of £17,250.00. In addition there are countless reels and items of tackle that date back to the pioneer makers that traded where it all started in London. Page after page of the special catalogue is filled with star items and all illustrated in colour. The sale offers a unique opportunity for American collectors to have access to tackle used when their country shared its history with Britain, prior to their country’s own tackle makers starting in business; back even to Izaak Walton and his silk minnow in 1653.

Fishing Tackle: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Limited edition of only 1000 copies – A4, 730 pages and 1500 illustrations. The definitive reference work for collectors of British tackle and since the USA has a shared early history with that of the UK the book is the new Bible for American collectors. Book price including guaranteed courier delivery to the USA is £104 sterling.

To place your order visit or call our UK hotline (+44) 845 408 2606

LOT 147: World’s finest display panel of antique artificial baits (48) by early English makers, including several Coil Lures and Kill-Devils as illustrated in Salter’s The Angling Guide 1825, a Cleopatra, the Golden Lure,

Edkin’s Glass Lure and five magnificent faceted glass lures in various shades of colour. This was the flagship panel of 20 exhibited during the 19th/20th centuries in the finest tackle shop of all time – Wyers Frères, Paris, thus a provenance without equal. Sold in London, in 1999, for a then record £29,900 sterling. This now priceless display offers a unique window of opportunity to view some of the type of lures being used by American anglers for a century and more pre-1850s. All surviving 18 panels are illustrated in Fishing Tackle: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide.

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