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Pelham - Windham News 8 - February 11, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Brown Surprised with 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Brown, Kerry Brown, and Kyla Brown live in New Hampshire. The couple also has 16 grandchildren. The event

was marked with a

surprise family celebration at the Manchester Country Club in Bedford, where the

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Brown of

Windham recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. They were married on February 11, 1961, at St. Edmond Church in Manchester. She is the former Irene Eva Paquin. Mr. and Mrs. Brown have six children: Karen Zolnay and Lauren Russell live in New Jersey. Noreen Mecklenborg, Kevin


couple had held their wedding reception.

Selectmen Urge State to Put Land On the Market

by Barbara O’Brien Windham selectmen are not happy that the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (DOT) has taken two parcels of land, both located on Range Road, off the market.

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Brown, February 11, 1961

A surprise second honeymoon trip to Bermuda was given to them by their children. Mr. Brown was an Aerospace Engineer

at Draper Labs in Cambridge, MA. Mrs. Brown was, and still is, a Domestic Engineer.

Due to the high tax burden borne by many Windham residents and the related need for a broader tax base, town officials want to see vacant commercially zoned parcels turned into revenue producing enterprises. If land remains unused, that effort is stymied. According to Selectmen’s Chairman Charles McMahon, the two parcels recently pulled from the sales market were once home to Delahunty Nursery and the adjacent golf course. These properties were acquired by the State DOT in conjunction with the recent re-construction of Route 111, but were, subsequently, not needed for the project. McMahon said the two parcels were taken off the market because the sealed bids, which were solicited by the DOT, were all far too low to be acceptable. State officials plan to wait for the real estate market to improve, he said. “The State has been unable to get what was paid for it,” he explained, adding that State officials might just be expecting more than is probably in this economy.

To countermand the State’s recent action, McMahon proposed that Windham selectmen write a letter to the DOT requesting that a reappraisal be done on both properties, so that they can be put up for sale once again. He said that there is a local businessman in Windham who is interested in relocating to one of those locations. “He wants to stay in town,” he said, inferring the possibility that this business owner might move to another community if he can’t find a suitable site to relocate in Windham.

McMahon explained that he feels a reappraisal is necessary due to the significant drop in area property values during the past few years. McMahon also said he’d like to see the State give the

Town of Windham a chance to buy the property, but not through a sealed bid process, which is what the DOT used the last time around. Selectmen voted 3 to 0 to write a letter to the New Hampshire Department of Transportation requesting that a new appraisal be done as soon as possible. Voting in favor of writing the letter were Chairman Charles McMahon, Vice Chairman Bruce Breton, and Selectman Roger Hohenberger. Selectmen Ross McLeod and Galen Stearns did not attend the January 31 board meeting where the vote was taken.

New Schedule for Pelham Ice Garden

submitted by Chris Mader The Pelham Ice Garden volunteers are


beginning to see an increase in littering, vandalism, and excessive intentional damage to the ice surface over the past few days. This serves as a reminder that the Pelham Police Department is currently reviewing surveillance tapes, and anyone caught vandalizing the rink or littering in the park will be required to serve a minimum of 40 community service hours at the ice rink. Because of increased use of the rink


and also due to some general confusion surrounding the hours at the rink, we will be changing to a new schedule, effective immediately. See attached grid that explains this much better ... this sign will be posted at the rink: • 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. all week (Monday-Sunday) – “Family/Recreational skating hours,” as well as 4-6:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday only – “Family/Recreational skating hours.” • 4-6:30 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday – “Open/ Pick-up pond hockey hours (ages 13-plus),” as well as Saturday-Sunday, 4-9 p.m. – “Open/Pick-up pond hockey hours (ages 13-plus).” • Monday-Friday, 7-9 p.m. – Parks & Rec Pond Hockey League (**If no scheduled game, then “Open/Pick-up pond hockey hours (ages 13-plus)” allowed **) What: 1. The families who have young children, which include moms, dads, grandparents, etc. This also includes little kids who are

practicing hockey for the first time (slow moving).

2. The over-13-years-of-age pond hockey players – More aggressive, fast-moving pucks, and those want to play pick-up or organized games, etc. After consulting with patrons and some of the

volunteers, we are hopeful that this new schedule will accommodate our two largest groups of patrons. We considered another chunk of hours to “share” the rink ... but because these groups are so different, we wanted to give both groups the ideal time slots for when they generally like to skate. Any other ideas are suggestions are welcomed, and

we thank you for everyone’s cooperation with these new hours.

Mosquito Control Efforts Earn Rebate

by Barbara O’Brien In addition to eradicating countless numbers of the pesky and sometimes dangerous insects, last spring and summer’s efforts to curtail the mosquito population in the Town of Windham have also paid off financially. According to Town Administrator David Sullivan, a rebate check was received from the






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Toll Free 1-866-99-DEPOT

State of New Hampshire during the final week of January in the amount of $1.065. Sullivan said he had anticipated Windham receiving $1,500 from the State, but due to ongoing budget constraints, less money was available for the Mosquito Control Program. Sullivan said that he had expected to receive 25 percent of the money expended locally, but, in this economic environment, was pleased to receive as much as was rebated this year. Selectmen voted 3 to 0 to accept the rebate from State coffers. Voting in favor were Chairman Charles McMahon, Vice Chairman Bruce Breton, and Selectman Roger Hohenberger. Selectmen Galen Stearns and Ross McLeod did not attend the January 31 board meeting. This coming spring, in efforts to reduce the proposed 2011 town operating budget, selectmen voted to eliminate the local mosquito control program. The theory behind the elimination of the program was that selectmen were uncertain as to how effective it was. The spraying was done due to cases of Triple E (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) and the West Nile Virus, both mosquito-borne, having been identified in southern New Hampshire. There were, however, no cases identified in Windham itself during 2010. Although selectmen do not plan to have any spraying for mosquitoes done this year, Sullivan urged them to apply for a State Permit nonetheless. The permits are available at no cost, but there is a lengthy process involved for the application. Selectmen were urged to apply for the State Permit “just in case.” Even if the permit is granted, Sullivan assured selectmen, “There is no obligation.” Selectmen voted 2 to 1 to apply to the State for a spraying permit. Voting in favor were McMahon and Breton. Hohenberger voted in opposition to making the application.



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