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3 - February 11, 2011 Salem Community Patriot

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

It’s the Deficits, Stupid President Obama talks a good game, but he still

doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to get it. His State of the Union speech was very upbeat and rosy; however, with little substance for the American people. He continues to ignore the fact that we have a huge budget deficit, with calls for cutting the budget in order to put our American house in order. All the new current budget of over a trillion dollars just transfers funds from one department to another! Americans under President Bush and more especially President Obama have spent us into a depressed deficit state throughout the United States, in every level of government. Consider this—we have 308 million people in the United States with a $14 trillion debt, and this translates into a huge- number, $44,000 debt for every man, woman, child, and grandchild to pay for in the future. Eight trillion of the debt has happened under the Obama White House watch in two and a quarter years. The bailouts, handouts, overspending, growing big

government jobs, defense, homeland security, and lost jobs, and we continue to borrow from foreign countries like China (as they check their banking investments in America on a recent State Visit). Americans face costly and wasteful Obamacare,

lack of controls of immigration, and Medicare fraud at 50 billion. Obama wants to invest in high-speed trains and electric cars, costing billions that most Americans cannot afford to buy or pay. Yet, he can order the oil companies to lose their investment tax and we all have to pay more for oil prices to foreign countries. Obama still doesn’t get it, which is about protecting and controlling spending in America!

Ed Brooks - Salem

Stephen Campbell for Selectman

I would like to announce my candidacy for a

three-year term on Salem’s Board of Selectmen. I decided to run for many reasons, but the main

two are taxes and leadership. The town tax rate has risen almost 25 percent during the last five years and that is much faster than the taxpayer’s income. It is easy for a politician to point out all the projects they have completed. The hard part is keeping the tax rate from rising too fast and doing both is what real leadership is all about. The current BOS is made up of nice people, but their spending proposals during these tough economic times are out of control and the ability of the average person to keep up with. When people complain about their tax rate, I would never tell them they should be happy because other towns tax rates are higher. Salem does have infrastructure issues, but the

answer to those needs is not just to keep raising taxes faster than people’s income. The answers are not easy. We need to try and get personnel costs under control. I would recommend looking at the wage and benefit package for new employees. The new town manager is paying 25 percent of his health insurance. The only problem with that is he is making $8,000 more than the previous town manager. To save $3,000, we gave him an $8,000 raise. That is not my idea of saving money. What leadership is all about is every year setting

the tax rate for next year and then going through the budget process department by department and making tough choices. By setting priorities and stopping when we run out of money, we can meet the needs of the town without the tax rate going up another 25 percent in the next five years. These problems are not unique to Salem. There are no easy answers. The one clear thing is that the times call for new answers. The old ways of tax and spend are not working now or for the foreseeable future. I offer you my experience and my proven record of telling you the truth. I will not tell you what you want to hear. I will tell you what you need to know to make informed decisions. There is no free lunch and we need government to start making the tough choices that you have been making for a long time. I would love to hear from you. You may reach me at 893-0743 to tell me of your concerns. I have a video running on Channel 17. I also should have a web page,, up shortly.

I humbly ask you for your vote for Selectman on March 8. Stephen Campbell - Salem

Revival of Reaganomics It is amazing the past few days to hear and read

isplay Ad Proof Sheet and Schedule Tracking

glowing reports about the fiscal record of President Ronald Reagan’s years in the White House. A history lesson is in order. First, to his credit, when this nation’s stock was at a record low around the globe, he restored America’s dignity and prestige. He made Americans proud again. Truly an epic accomplishment. But when it came to his fiscal program, known as Reaganomics, it was a complete disaster, producing

1.3 inches by 1.5 columns

Committee. I am originally from Manchester, NH, and I received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Keene State College. I started my teaching career in Hillsboro and, when a position in Salem opened,

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or 5 weeks, used as fillers on pages- a trillion-dollar deficit.

Ronald Reagan, the candidate, promised to cut taxes, balance the budget by reducing spending, and to cut the size of the federal government. He succeeded only in cutting taxes. But even these cuts were tempered in part by numerous fees charged for services that were previously free. His first budget was crafted by David Stockman,

who served as Director of the Office of Management and Budget. His package included a $30 billion tax cut accompanied by a 12-percent budget reduction in 13 government agencies. It was adopted easily by Congress.

Problems, however, began shortly after its passage, as heads of these agencies reneged on their premises to reduce spending.

Defense Secretary Casper Weinburger pleaded to the President that the cuts were harmful to national security. The money was restored. In short order, North Carolina Senator Jessie Helms

got back his tobacco subsidies; Midwest legislators got back farm belt subsidies; and proposed rollback of Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Assistance, and other Great Society grants proved politically unwise and were discarded. Attempts to reduce the size of government also

failed. In fact, Secretary of State Alexander Haigh alone added 8,000 positions to his department, declaring, “No one is going to tell me what to do.” When he left office after eight years, the size of government had reached new highs. Many Republicans blamed what they called a “Democratic veto-proof majority” for the failure to reduce spending. The truth, however, is the President had complete control of both houses of government because in addition to Republican votes to office, he had the support of dozens of conservative southern Democrats – called boll weevils – who tipped the scale in his favor. President Reagan accomplished much during

his two terms. But to suggest that Reaganomics be revived is poor salesmanship.

Robert A. Castricone - Salem

Cast a Vote for Michael Lyons I am writing in support of incumbent Michael

Lyons for Selectman. Over the course of his terms as Selectman, we have seen a numerous amounts of infrastructure improvements to our community of Salem. We need to have safe roadways and bridges not only for our everyday travels, but also for our school buses that transport our children every day and our emergency services to maneuver timely to their destinations. With the implementation of these projects, at reasonable costs to taxpayers, Salem has seen great progress.

Mike has helped Salem work through a lot of difficult State impacts implemented to our budgets and backed a lot of financially tough decisions in a challenging economic time to keep Salem as a top community to reside in. Taking a lot of pride living in Salem, he not only spends numerous hours working through the budgets, plans, and proposals as a Selectman for our community’s betterment, but also donates time to local youth organizations, working charity auctions and contributing time to area school events. Anyone stepping up and donating his or her personal time for any civil or charitable services should be commended. Our community needs to keep moving forward, and to do that, I ask your support of Michael J. Lyons for Selectman. (My views and opinions are solely that and should

have no reflection on any of the organizations I belong to or represent within the Salem community.)

Tony Fabrizio - Salem Paul G. Huard

for Budget Committee My name

is Paul Huard and I am a candidate for the Salem Budget

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fell in love with the town and we knew that this was the perfect place for my daughters, Rebecca and Amy. We have been extremely satisfied with what the town has given us. The town is vibrant, safe, affordable, and provided plenty of opportunities. I spent 33 years as a teacher, advisor, and have been active in the community and state. I spent

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