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Hudson - Litchfield News 6 - February 4, 2011

Dental Health

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More Letters to our Editor O’Brien and Mosca have filed a petition

a Turn Lane Become a Travel Lane?

Dry Mouth Dry Mouth, also called xerostomia, results

from an inadequate flow of saliva. When salivary flow is reduced intraoral soft tissues may become irritated, inflamed and more susceptible to infection. Without the cleaning and buffering properties of adequate salivary flow, bacteria can thrive resulting in increased tooth decay and periodontal disease. Denture stability also decreases since the thin film of saliva that allows for proper denture adhesion is absent. Xerostomia affects a variety of individuals, including; older adults, individuals with certain diseases such as diabetes and leukemia, and those receiving radiation therapy to the head and neck region. A major cause of dry mouth is the use of certain medication. there are several hundred commonly prescribed and over the counter medications that produce literature accompanying the medication, or consulting with your physician, pharmacist or dentist may provide valuable insight whether dryness is a side effect. Taking excellent care of your teeth and

tissues is critical if you have xerostomia to prevent dental disease. Use of sugarless lozenges to stimulate salivary flow, artificial saliva, or fluoride rinses may be necessary to reduce the effects caused by long term decreased saliva production.

I work at New Look Dental at 26 Derry Street in Hudson. Since our office opened in the spring of 2008, when arriving for work in the morning it has been like entering the Demolition Derby. Apparently, many drivers feel the turn lane is to be used to travel in anywhere from Ledge Road all the way to the town common. I have contacted the police on several occasions, to which they have set up temporary watches on the area that have resulted in some tickets. However, I have told them it is a daily problem and at some point it would result in an accident. Unfortunately, on January 25, this is exactly what happened. When one of my patients was attempting to leave our office and had been given the right of way by traffic, he was struck by a vehicle traveling in the turn lane. Thank goodness he was not injured; only his car was damaged. I am just wondering what it will take in order for this situation to be seriously addressed. Will it actually take someone sustaining bodily injury for action to be taken, or will that even do it? I did some research on turn lanes and the information I found was that you should only enter the lane when you are within 200 feet of your turn and when it is safe to do so. Believe me, I understand everyone is in a hurry during the morning commute, but safety should be a priority that needs to be enforced. I also wanted to thank all the drivers that actually follow the rules of the road and have yielded in order for me, my staff, and my patients to enter our property safely.

Doris E. Padellaro - Hudson

Republican House Speaker, House Lawyer Trying to Use Taxpayer Money for Personal Gain


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In a move that raises serious ethical questions, Republican House Speaker Bill O’Brien and taxpayer paid legal counsel Ed Mosca petitioned the state attorney general get involved in a lawsuit that could bring financial gain to both O’Brien and Mosca at the taxpayers’ expense.

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to have the legal fees of Republican state Representative Edmond Gionet paid for by the state of New Hampshire. Gionet brought suit against former State Representative Martha McLeod over a disagreement surrounding McLeod’s proposed legislation to have a section of road in Franconia named for Franconia Police Corporal Bruce McKay, who was murdered in the line of duty in 2007. Gionet opposed the legislation. Bill O’Brien was retained by Gionet to

serve as his lawyer, until he was elected House Speaker in November. At that point, Mosca took over the case. The Attorney General previously denied a request to have the state foot the costs of his legal fees. “At a time when he claims to be focused on the budget, Speaker O’Brien and his House legal counsel want to divert money away from job creation programs, education, and local cities and towns to pay their legal fees,” said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “O’Brien owes New Hampshire taxpayers an explanation. Is he really asking New Hampshire taxpayers to pay his billable hours?” “An independent review needs to be conducted in order to determine whether House ethics rules have been violated,” continued Kirstein. “But most importantly, O’Brien and Mosca should immediately withdraw their petition asking New Hampshire taxpayers to pick up the bill for their legal work.” The petition to pressure the Attorney

General’s Office to pursue this issue continues a disturbing trend. Earlier this month, the House Republicans tried to unconstitutionally force the Attorney General to join a lawsuit against the federal government.

“House Republicans should be focused on creating jobs and building the economy,” added Kirstein. “Not pressuring the executive branch to pursue a matter that is of personal interest to O’Brien and Mosca.”

Stuart Schneiderman, Hudson Democratic Town Committee - Hudson

HB 39 – Much Ado About Nothing

You’ve seen the articles, e-mails, etc., etc., on how I am trying to remove subjects from your school curriculum. Subjects such as art, music, health, and world languages. Here’s the truth. This bill does



not remove any subject from your school’s curriculum or allows the removal of any of these courses. The law that this bill amends has no effect whatsoever on what is in your school’s curriculum. The subjects that have to be taught in your schools are in the ‘Minimum Standards for Public School Approval’; if these standards are not met, your school will lose its approval. These standards mandate all the subjects mentioned above. In addition, schools, especially High Schools, are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), and in order to keep this accreditation, all the above subjects must be taught. This accreditation is necessary for most college acceptances. These standards and accreditations existed long before the law that HB 39 amends even existed. Now for the facts: RSA 193-E came into effect in 2007; this was a result of the Supreme Court decision that said the state must pay for an adequate education. The legislature at the time, the same legislature that decided that Litchfield could do without $2 million dollars in school aid, decided that they would define an adequate education and then proceed to pay for it. They then listed all the subjects, and decided that $3,450 per student was what was needed to pay for all of these subjects. The amount needed for all these subjects cost in excess of $10,000. So, the question is what part of that ‘adequate’ education is being paid for? Certainly not all of it. Shouldn’t the law be more realistic as to what the state is paying for? And what you, the local taxpayer, must then pay? We all know that legislature and the one following it had problems with math. The ‘balanced’ budget that they said we had last year turns out to be about a $1 billion dollar deficit. Yet these are the same people starting the rumors about how I am ruining your children’s education. If I was proposing changing the minimum standards, then yell and scream—but I am not. For those that know me, know that I specifically think that music is a necessary subject. It has been shown that students that play music do better in all their subjects. While my granddaughter was in middle school and high school, I chaperoned many music trips, and recorded and put on DVD for the high school’s use nearly all the high school’s band and chorus concerts, both locally and on trips. It is no surprise to me that last year’s Campbell’s Valedictorian and Salutatorian were in the high school band. This bill will probably see some changes in order to make it clear, even for those trying to discredit everything that is being done to fix their previous inadequacies.

Ralph Boehm - Litchfield

Car Strikes Gas Tanker Nozzle, EPA Called

submitted by Hudson Police Department On January 31 at 5:12 p.m., members of the Hudson Police and

Fire Departments responded to Haffner’s Car Care, located at 215 Lowell Road, for a motor vehicle accident. Upon the officers’ arrival, they determined that Rose Nichols, 49, of Hudson was driving a 2009 Toyota Corolla through the parking lot. While doing so, Nichols struck a hose nozzle from a parked 2011 International gas tanker that was unloading gasoline into the underground storage tanks. This caused the nozzle to become dislodged and spill an unknown quantity of gasoline onto the ground. As a result, the Hudson Fire Department closed a portion of the gas station and notified the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Nichols was the lone occupant of the vehicle, and she was wearing her seatbelt and was not injured. Nichols’ motor vehicle sustained minor damage and there was no damage to the gas tanker.

As of press time, the Hudson Fire Department and EPA released the property to the Haffner’s Car Care management to allow clean- up of the gas spill.

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