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background. After this go to source chroma key and pick the colour of your background, insert this and you will see your chosen background behind your animated object. If you prefer you can choose a foreground from the default selection as shown on the right and obviously press the ‘set as foreground ‘tab.

iStop Motion Pro makes adding music to your movie a really easy process. First click on the view tab at the bottom right of your screen and this will bring up the menu as pictured below which includes the tab for soundtrack. Scroll down to soundtrack and click on the gear tab, select load and choose your track. Click open and you will see your track loaded on the wave form that runs parallel with your time frame.

Onion Skinning is another brilliant feature at your disposal with iStop Motion Pro. This feature allows you to superimpose up to five preceding frames on your screen thus allowing you a better idea of how your movie will look. It allows you to move the object you are animating and to evaluate how it will look in real time. If you are like me and find ghost images confusing then the Blinking Feature might be preferable. Blinking allows you to select any time interval

for your

screen to blink between the previous frame and the current frame to allow you to get a better feel for how your animation is progressing.

This program really puts animation at your fingertips and because good results are so easy to attain it just makes you push yourself to use more features and really go to town on your productions. There is a good support system at the iStop Motion website but If you still find you need a bit of hand holding then just check out the numerous video tutorials on ‘YouTube’. Here you will find a host of

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