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iStopMotion Pro

Be warned, this program is extremely addictive. Forget computer games, apps for all and mindless surfing, if you have ever thought about animation but pushed it to the back of your mind because it would probably be too complicated think again because this program will be right up your street.

It’s so much fun bringing objects to life and to produce a basic short video all you need is your built in i-sight camera and your imagination. Wallace and Gromit be scared, be very scared, we’re following in your footsteps!

As the name suggests iStopMotion 2 uses shot by shot sequences which makes it very simple to gather your first 30 seconds of movie animation.

On opening iStopMotion a pop-up menu will appear over the main interface (see below) in order for you to set up your first movie. Pretty self explanatory with title, where you want to save it and screen size. I recommend the medium preset as this works perfectly when viewing on the computer although there are a multitude of sizes suitable for all,

ie iPhone, iPod, wide screen etc.

Press create and you’re off.

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