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School District to Ask

Budget Cuts

Residents to Restore

by Andrea Ganley-Dannewitz The Salem School Board will be asking residents to restore numerous cuts to their budget at the annual deliberative session in February. Cuts in the amount of $344,867 to the fiscal

year budget include funding for a dean of students at Salem High School, a high school secretary or administrative assistant, and laptop computers for teachers. The Superintendent of Salem Schools, Michael Delahanty, says these items are critical, and cutting them will affect the daily operations at Salem High School. The Town of Salem’s Municipal Budget Committee cut a total of $690,000 from the School Board’s proposed budget.

Delahanty says he does respect some of the cuts made to the budget, but does not feel that the budget they proposed was inflated in any way. He is not looking to restore the entire $690,000 cut by the budget committee. Voters will decide in February if the cuts should be reinstated. The position of dean of students is critical, according to Delahanty, because of new laws requiring closer monitoring of students due to anti-bullying legislation and also raising the compulsory education age to 18, which has created more administrative work. The position of dean of students consists of a total $104,513, with $77,000 being salary and the remainder consisting of benefits.

Delahanty added that the high school needs a secretary, and though there are nine of them, not every administrator has one. Administrative assistants also work the front window of the high school for security purposes and manage the student information system, as well as assist departments like guidance. The school board is also asking for a one-

percent wage pool for administrators and a 1.5- percent wage pool for non-bargaining employees. The total would be $62,843, allowing Delahanty to give raises to certain employees based on merit and good work performance. As for the technology cuts related to funding laptop computers for teachers, the plan is to attempt to restore $125,736. Delahanty says that $109,000 would go to the lease and purchase of 618 laptop computers over three years. The computers would mainly serve teachers, but 95 of them would be for student use at Salem High School, 90 for the Woodbury Middle School, and 60 for four of the elementary schools. The School Board voted 5-0 on Tuesday to ask

the town to restore the staff positions, as well as voted 5-0 to ask for the reinstatement of funds for the use of technology. The Salem School District deliberative session is set for February 10; if voters do approve the reinstatement into the budget, the fiscal year budget for the school district would be restored to $55 million on the school district ballot brought before voters on March 8.

Preschoolers are taught the art of washing hands when cooking

Robert Henry (known as “Chef”), instructor of the Culinary School at Salem High School, guides the class

Help Keep Fire Hydrants Clear of Snow

submitted by Salem Fire Department Salem firefighters have been very busy shoveling fire hydrants this

season. Buried fire hydrants are one of the many challenges that face your firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics in the winter. Members of the Salem Fire Department have been out after every snowstorm checking each of our fire hydrants and shoveling every one that needs it. A readily accessible fire hydrant helps us quickly establish water supply, which increases life safety and decreases fire damage. In light of this, we ask that if you have a fire hydrant in front of your house, you shovel it if you are able. While we are committed to clearing each one, it does take time. With an average of over 13 emergency calls

per day, it can take us an extended time to get to every hydrant. The last storm took us five days to check and clear each of our 902 fire hydrants. We would like publicly to thank the Salem residents and businesses

who have taken the time to shovel out their private fire hydrants or the ones near their property. We would also like to thank the Salem Department of Public Works, who assists us with a loader when the hydrants are buried too deep. In addition, we would like to remind plow operators that obstructing

a fire hydrant with snow is a violation of Town of Salem Ordinance No. 187.

Lastly, help us to help you by keeping fire hydrants clear of snow. Sarah Ismaeil joyfully watches the Chef

by Robyn Hatch Writer’s note: The photos shown in this article are 25 children from the Salem High School Day Care. They were taught how to make pizza with toppings. As you can see by their faces, the kids love pizza! Robert Henry, culinary instructor at Salem High School and fondly known as “Chef” by his students, is the leader at the Three Seasons Restaurant at Salem High School, which is known as Salem’s most kept-secret kitchen. The students are missing the one key piece to their culinary experience—customers from the general public. On a typical day within the kitchen at

Three Seasons, students in their senior year and a few reservations made here and there are those being served. Even though it is certainly not enough to really experience culinary at its best, these students are very eager to cook, serve, and watch people enjoy their culinary creations at a very low price, but with huge portions. These students eagerly give tours of their kitchen, explaining a typical day,

High school student chef Romero gives Lars a congratulatory handshake

what they have learned, and really talking about what they enjoy about this culinary class. On the tour, the students will explain how and why everything is organized in a certain way within the kitchen, and everything is made in the kitchen by scratch. All ingredients in the kitchen have their place and must be labeled, dated, and stored as such. The students follow a strict schedule, and all tasks are assigned to change things up a bit for the students. Typical tasks are food preparation, taking orders over the phone or walk-in, and handling reservations for the dining room. The students work very well as a team and it really shows. The general public really needs to liven up the dining room and experience what the students are cooking out of this secret kitchen. Three Seasons Restaurant is located at Salem High School, Geremonty Drive, Salem. Orders are available for take-out. Give this spot a chance—this is a restaurant not to be missed.

see cooking class photos on page 6 Brenden is excited about the pizzas Salem Community Patriot Patriot

Salem High Students Get Cooking

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