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Next stop: climate change

Sunday best

Belgravia traders are celebrating their most successful Christmas Sunday event yet. Visitors flocked to Pimlico Road and Elizabeth Street, which were lined with stalls selling festive fare. There were carol-singers, street entertainers and even Santa and his reindeer made an appearance. Mark Boyce, chairman of the Pimlico Road Association, said: “Everything went extremely well and a good time was had by all. Santa was fabulous and the children adored him. It was a super day and the best turnout we have ever had.” Alastair Hutchinson, chairman of

the Belgravia Traders Association, which represents businesses in and around Elizabeth Street, said: “The Belgravia Christmas Sunday is fast becoming established as one of the local events which people look forward to at Christmas – and Stefan Turnbull is to be congratulated on organising the best event yet.”

Back off the treadmill

A new personal training studio has opened in Belgravia – and there isn’t a treadmill in sight.

Chris Bates [pictured], Lee Hicks and their team offer one-on-one training from their studio at 1-3 Grosvenor Place, and promise to put the fun back into exercise using cutting-edge equipment. This includes the VIPR – pronounced “viper” – a long tube that can be lifted into the air to tone the arms or swung to work out the sides, and is said to build muscle and burn calories. Then there’s the TRX, a device developed by the US navy to build mobility, strength, power and core stability.

The workout also improves clients’ agility using boxing, balance boards and medicine balls. “The treadmill is not the most efficient way of losing weight,” said Mr Bates. “These methods burn more calories and are much more fun.” “We are different from the big, impersonal gyms,” Mr Hicks added.

Sweet success

Peggy Porschen held a party to celebrate the launch of her new cake shop on the corner of Ebury and Elizabeth streets. The charming, pastel pink Peggy Porschen Parlour is the first ever cake shop to be opened by Ms Porschen, who has baked delicious cakes for the likes of Elton John, Madonna and Cheryl Cole.

“We encourage all our clients to interact with each other and just enjoy their workout. Our clients often tell us that an hour’s session flies by.”

Clients are initially enrolled for a 12-week programme, which offers training and nutritional programmes and claims to help you shed up to 12 per cent of your body fat.

Chris Bates’s tips for getting in shape for the new year...

SET GOALS. Those who set realistic, achievable goals are most likely to get results. Start with something small that can easily be achieved, such as 30 minutes of an elevated heart-rate exercise three times a week.

MAKE TIME. People make time for many essential things in life – like watching The X Factor or staying until last orders – but will rarely find the time for exercise.

Above: Isabella Thompson and Lucy Harrison enjoy the confectionery Top: Peggy Porschen with Victoria Sullivan


BE CONSISTENT. Results don’t happen in a week. Commit a solid stretch of time to exercise, such as three times a week for three months, and you will reap the rewards. Repetition is the key

to change and nothing will happen with a one-off attempt.

CUT THE NUTRIENT-DEAD FOOD. This includes foods like sugar, sweets, refined carbohydrates, hydrogenated fats and white foods such as bread, pasta and rice. Don’t drink too much coffee or alcohol.

INCREASE YOUR FAT. That is, good, healthy fats – like fish oils, flax oil, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts (not peanuts) and seeds. Don’t be afraid to eat some organic animal fats and butter, as we still need saturated fats in our diet. Remember, fat doesn’t necessarily make us fat.

Cole hotfoots it to

Motcomb Street is definitely a hit with Cheryl Cole. The singer and X Factor judge is pictured on the cover of her new album, Messy Little Raindrops, wearing two Carolina Bucci bracelets and a pair of Christian Louboutin leopard-print boots. Both shops are located on Motcomb Street.

Rachel Shun, who works for Carolina Bucci, said: “We’ve been sending pieces to Cheryl’s stylist for a while now, and finally they decided the bracelets were right for the album cover. “It’s very exciting. The album

Parts of Belgravia could be underwater by 2100 because of climate change.

Development charity Practical Action warned that unless action is taken, there could be a 4°C rise in global temperatures by the end of the century. This, in turn, could lead to a 4m rise in sea levels, proving catastrophic for south Belgravia and London as a whole. The charity said Sloane Square, Passmore Street, the Chelsea Barracks site and parts of Bourne Street and Pimlico Road could be submerged, as well as other London landmarks such as Canary Wharf and the Houses of Parliament. To find out more, visit

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