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Dimension diagram

Brushless inrunner motor B4485 for RC cars Wiring diagram

Note: Change the connection of any two wires to motor rotate reversely

Product Name KV(rpm/v) Voltage(V) Unloading

4485-13 T

980 Specification:

1.High speed CNC metal processing ,high precision 2.Higher torque ,less noise ,andmore efficiency! 3.Small size ,light ,and longer life-span 4.CE (BCT09DR-246E) and ROHS (BCT10DR-0444R) compliant.


1.Maintain good ventilation when the motor is working tomake sure heat releasing 2.Keep the motor away from iron powder or dust.They will damage the motor once they attach to the motor. 3.Keep the motor away from magnetized materials .The motor will lose its magnetism if it is keet with magnetized things, e.g magcards ,credit cards,certificates with magnetism.


Technical data for B4485 series brushless inrunner motor Max


Current(A) 1.5

Current(A) 88

Voltage(V) 22.2


resistance(MΩ) 16.8

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