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Hudson - Litchfield News 12 - January 21, 2011

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs down to the new Klemm’s Bakery in

Hudson. You would be a lot busier if you actually opened on time, and had coffee available to your customers. If you say you open at 7, please have coffee already made by then. Most people are on their way to work and don’t have time to wait for the coffee to brew. Please don’t make us go down the street for our coffee.”

“Thumbs up to the Litchfield Fire Department,

especially John Travis, the Schofields and the rest of the crew for coming to our aid on Sunday night when we had some ashes spark up a fire in our compost pile.”

“Thumbs up to our neighbor Don Blais for

coming over to let us know we had a fire in our compost pit!”

“Thumbs down to the mother who allows her

son to do anything he wants! You pay all of his bills, pay for the gas in his car, buy him food and yet don’t even require him to do any chores or get a job. Are you truly surprised that he’s flunked out of school, lost his girlfriend, and sleeps in until noon every day? Your precious little boy is no longer ‘cute’ he is a bum and will remain a bum until you hold him accountable for his actions.”

“Thumbs up to the wonderful boy who always

knows how to make me smile. My Christmas was very merry thanks to you :(D>”

“Thumbs down to Litchfield Fire Chief for

making his position full time. We know you closed your business, sorry to hear that. This does not mean you need to make the fire dept you full time job. Isn’t bad enough you pay yourself eight hours a week to be a call. On top of that you get paid when you go to calls. This is what I would call double dipping. Last snow storm, you put in for over forty hours, why is that? Also why is it you only offer coverage shifts to the few guys you like, you have over thirty guys who work on the dept but you only offer day time shifts to three of them. The few guys that are left that support the chief need to wake wake up and see what is really going on. The town of Litchfield needs to wake up as well. It is really time for change.”

“Thumbs down to all of those who have

turned a tragedy into a political witch-hunt. The man who committed the crime didn’t need to hear anything from anyone. He was mentally disturbed, and that is why he killed and wounded many people.”

“Thumbs down to Litchfield sports. Watching

the demise of sports in this town is horrifying. From the ridiculous antics of the LMS Boy’ Basketball Coach. Talk about taking a job to benefit certain players. To the pathetic LBA. Baseball in Litchfield is dead. Between the treasurer & the President’s cartoon-like antics to the Arsenal dismembering & the annual Cooperstown trip in jeopardy of going away. LMS Baseball has been undefeated for 2 seasons due to the cultivating of talent in the REC Baseball program. LMS will be lucky to win a game this year. We need to fix the way things are done in Litchfield. The more people remain quiet the worse it gets.”

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? “We want to be your Mechanic”

company because they don’t know any better. I hope the labor board shuts you down, you operate like a sweat shop.”

“Thumbs up, way up for

AAA Landscaping in Hudson. During this last blizzard your plow guys not only asked me to pull my cars out of the driveway to minimize my shoveling and while I was putting my outdoor gear on they shoveled my stairs and walkway so that I could get out of my house! Going the extra mile is very appreciated and your customer on Center St. in Litchfield is very happy!”

“Thumbs up to Hudson

Animal Hospital! You provide such wonderful care to our pets and we are grateful. Everything from your friendly staff, sweet technicians, and wonderful doctors (especially Dr. Rice!) is exceptional! We will remain customers for life and will always trust our animals in your care. Your passion for animals is so reassuring for the families that you work with and it is quite obvious that everyone who works there loves their job and loves animals! Thank you for all that you do and keep up the great work!”

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“Thumbs down, way down to Randy Bell! The school department doesn’t provide my children with a bus, we’re considered close enough to walk (over 1 mile away). Yet, the superintendent doesn’t bother to check out the sidewalks on Lowell Road and Central Street to see if they are cleared for my children to get to school. Had I not been able to drive my kids on January 13th, they would have had to walk on Lowell Road & on Central Street not on the sidewalks but actually on the roads because Randy Bell did not bother to check to see if they were cleared. School should have been delayed in order to give the town DPW time to clear ALL the sidewalks to keep my kids and many others safe. Be smarter next time Mr. Superintendent and delay school to keep all the kids safe!”

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Thursday January 13th, the sidewalks were not plowed and the children were walking in the streets. Route 102, Lowell Rd and Central St to HMS are very heavily traveled roads. You should plow the sidewalks for the kids or supply buses to every child in town!”

“Thumbs up. Just thought I’d let everyone know

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“Thumbs up, a big ‘thumbs up’ to the HMS

Boys Basketball Team and Coach Drew for winning the Eagle-Titan Holiday Basketball Tournament!!! You all played 3 awesome games and won First Place!!! Keep up the good team-work and positive attitudes!!! Go HMS Colts!!!!!!!!”

“Thumbs down to thinking its ok to hide behind

words in a silly weekly paper and not confronting the issue or issues you have with the situation in person or face to face. How cowardly of you to not sign your name and deal with your concerns like an adult. And how wrong of you to talk so badly of someone you obviously don’t know much about. What a horrible example you are setting for your child or children and all the students and players who read this paper. Negativity is caused by actions likes yours! If I were you I would be embarrassed by how I handled myself and I would personally apologize for my stupidity!”

“Thumbs up to the great basketball games

played by both the HMS boys and girls on Tuesday January11th in Londonderry...You sure know how to make Hudson proud HMS basketball!!! Now keep it up and bring home some Championships this year!!! GO COLTS!!!”

“Thumbs down to Noram for once again

treating their employees like dirt. You expect people to work from 7:30 am until 10pm and then complain when they are 5 minutes late the next day. This has been going on for 4 weeks, people get tired. You should be more understanding, you are asking a lot of these people.”

“Thumbs down to the owner of Noram. You

must have a few screws loose. Most business owners want for their employees to be productive and HAPPY (or at least content). Not is a known fact that you like to come in and intimidate your employees by invading their personal space and watching them work. I feel bad for all the hardworking people who stay dedicated to your

about the wonderful t-shirts and sweat shirts I got my family for Christmas from Friends of Bensons. They are of excellent quality and beautifully embroidered. No iron on emblems, but beautiful stitching. There are many designs to select from and a few different colors. It is a pleasure to walk our dog in such a beautiful park. Weather permitting we go several times a week. The work the volunteers have done is tremendous. Thank you to all who have made this park possible. Just one reminder, please pick up after your dog.”

“Thumbs up to the Campbell

High School Administration for their all-expense- trip to Hawaii for them and their buddies! You guys are amazing, with people still losing jobs and homes being foreclosed on, you still figured out how to ‘Live Large’ on the Litchfield Property Tax Payer’s dime!”

“Thumbs up to Katherine for her incredible

performance as Gollum, in this month’s Majestic Theater production of The Hobbit! We loves it, my precious!”

“Thumbs down to the poor parenting skills

shown by the parents of the 3-year-old who misbehaved in our lovely library when he couldn’t have his own library card. What is wrong with you borrowing books for him until he becomes 5? Looks like this young fellow knows who is in charge in his home.”

“Thumbs down to the

disgusting bald man on Blueberry Circle that lets his aged dog defecate where ever it wants, even in the middle of the street. Man up and pick up!”

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that yoga pants, which actually cover your body, would be a NON-issue!”

“Thumbs down to the logging company making “Thumbs down to not having a delayed opening

a mess out of 75 acres behind Brickyard Drive in Litchfield. I know you intentionally blocked some great snowmobile/cross country skiing trails with literally WALLS of brush & trees that can’t be gone around easily. I hope you leave soon so we can have our recreational trails back. Hopefully you will clean up the mess you’ve made out there after you decide to leave the woods to those that respect it (that would be us local residents and users).”

“Thumbs down: Why does a Litchfield cruiser

need to be hiding on the bike path across from Westview Drive at 4 am? One can count the number of cars on the road at that time with one hand. The town would be a lot safer having that cruiser driving around Litchfield to serve and protect the community. Hiding your cruisers is not in the best interest of the police nor the town. The more visible you are the slower the cars will travel.”

“Thumbs down: BEWARE !! New trash

pickup service being offered in Litchfield by Merrimack Co. He says he includes recycling. Absolutely False!!! He tells you to include recycling with regular trash and do not separate, but we researched and there is no technology that separates recyclable items from regular trash. He is false advertising trying to get business from other service in town that does not offer recycling yet. If you care about recycling, do not sign up for this service.”

“Thumbs down to selling groceries in big

box stores. I saw a bag of horse manure and lettuce side by side on the conveyer belt at a big box store. That’s a health hazard. Yeah, I know manure is used to grow lettuce. Selling groceries in a department store is not sanitary.”

“Thumbs down to all the registered sex

offenders in Litchfield, there are six of them. I would like to warn the community, maybe they could go on the Internet and see these guys- who they are- where they live, so they know who is in

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603-635-2012 “Thumbs down to the Town of Hudson. Note

the 3 new officers that were hired. Failing to give the police a small raise has resulted in very good experienced officers leaving for other towns. Thanks to the stubbornness of voters, it’s going to cost more in the long run due to training and police academy costs. And you can’t put a price on experience and leadership.”

“Thumbs down to Alvirne’s hypocritical dress

policy – and ‘thumbs up’ to allowing yoga pants. What’s the big deal? As a dad who’s sat in the stands at several girl’s volleyball games where the girls are basically forced to wear ‘hot pants’ by virtue of the ‘uniform’ mandate, I’ve heard the comments of the guys sitting there. You’d think

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their area. I think it would help the community, it would be great.”

“Thumbs up for Coach John from Litchfield

REC. Saturday mornings I see him bounce between the boys and girls REC teams. My daughter plays on his REC team and with all the positive reinforcement he gives it’s no wonder that my daughter loves to play.”

“Thumbs up to the Hudson highway

department. Great job keeping the roads cleared and treated. Real pros taking care of business. Thank you so much.”

“Thumbs down. Okay, I for one have had enough. Property taxes have once again gone

on most vehicles

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my dad John, for his hard work and consistent high level of production allowing him to achieve Presidents Club for the global organization he works for. You work very hard for your family and we are so proud of you! Hope you and mom enjoy the trip you earned in Costa Rica!”

“Thumbs up to the citizens

of Hudson and Litchfield for your courageous votes this past November to place women and men of good, stable, moral character in charge of our state and federal government. As the devastating tragedy in Arizona continues to unfold, the hysterical escalation on the left is becoming very concerning. These so called “progressives” are accusing anyone and everyone who has ever uttered a word of disagreement with them as responsible for the acts of a very sick mind in Arizona. Ironically, while demanding that these contrary voices be silenced, they hypocritically defend and justify the their own vicious, mean spirited, and targeting rhetoric against George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, and members of the Tea Party. Sadly, it has become painfully apparent that we did the right thing by removing those

with impressive academic credentials but sorely lacking the necessary mental stability to govern. Let us make sure they have the freedom of speech they are so anxious to deny others to speak their minds while hoping they find someday benefit from a cure of their mental malady.”

“Thumbs up to the Hudson Highway

Department and all those who plow our streets each winter. You do an outstanding job. We live on a small secondary road with only 4 houses on it, off of Barrett’s Hill Road, and it is always clear and plowed several times during each storm.”

“Thumbs up to the librarian for doing her job,

enforcing library policy and not giving in to the demands of a 3-year-old and his parents. She did not spoil this child’s day! It is the parents fault that the child was frustrated, disappointed and dejected. They didn’t do their job, which was to get all the facts on obtaining a library card for a child before they hyped him up and promised him one. One simple call to the library would have prevented this. Don’t blame the librarian for your poor parenting.”

“Thumbs down to the parents and the three-

year-old who was refused a library card. Here are some life lessons you all need to learn: Children don’t demand anything from adults, they ask politely, rules are rules, no means no, don’t promise a child anything unless you are totally sure, 3-year-olds shouldn’t always get their way, don’t lie and deceive a child and pretend he really got the card, a toddler who is bubbling means he is having a screaming tantrum, don’t deny your child books. Use your own card to take books out for the little tyrant.”

“Thumbs down yet again to the gas station for

raising their prices .10 cents prior to the storm. I will drive to the other side of town rather than give you my money.”

“Thumbs up…UP...UP!! Nicole’s ‘Teens for

Jeans’ effort is really paying off thanks to all of you! She is now at 889 pairs ... and should hit her goal of 1000 pairs in the remaining few weeks of the drive!! Many thanks for your continued support - it demonstrates how you and one young teen really can make a positive difference in this world.”

“Thumbs down to Market Basket for selling NY

Jets football cakes on Sunday!” “Thumbs down to parents that allow their

young children to play dirty hockey. This isn’t the Monarchs, even though your coaches think so. What kind of lessons are you teaching your kid? Are they playing by the rules in other aspects of life? How do they know the difference at 9 years old. I guarantee that they are not going to be professional hockey players so is winning at all costs worth it? God forbid they hurt another child. No wonder why parents get into fights at hockey games. If my son got hurt by your dirty play, I would probably be in jail right now. You need to get a life and stop living vicariously through your children.”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Hudson~Litchfield News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Hudson~Litchfield News. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

up in Hudson, during a time of numerous layoffs and foreclosures while threatening to cut services at the same time. If this state had an ounce of common sense they would have passed the expanded gaming bill. It would have benefited all the taxpayers. And Gov. Lynch, we are not Massachusetts, live free or die, remember?”




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