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22 GENERALS — January 2011

SaddleBrooke II Villas Units 35/35A Board of Directors candidates

Lance Dickinson Your NEC proudly presents the

SaddleBrooke II Villas Units 35/35A 2011 board of directors’ candidates’ resumes. Below are the candidates’ resumes for the two, 2-year term positions that are to be fi lled in February 2011. The resume forms were revised in

2009 as several items are not required unless the individual wants to share their educational, professional, and community involvement. Your NEC determined that the board of director candidate only share his or her vision and reason to participate on the Villas board; thus, the current format of the resume is brief, informal, and more personal. The goal was to have each candidate’s information equal in content. Please make note of the following dates

in which the NEC will be involved through February 17, 2011: NEC Scheduled Activities, December

2010 – February 2011 NEC Distribution of Board of Director

Candidate Resumes - Thursday, December 17, 2010; Meet the Candidates Night - Tuesday,

January 12, 2011; Ballots Mailed

- Wednesday, January 13, 2011; Ballots Returned and Counted - Thursday, February 17, 2011; Villas Annual Meeting - Monday, February 21, 2011 Following are the board of director

candidate resumes: Julie Johnson - 63616 E. Harmony

Drive, 520:-825-5746, Unit/Lot 35A/19, This will be the sixth year that the Villas

have had a board of directors comprised completely of Villas homeowners. While we all looked forward to self-government, we have discovered that it brings its own set of problems. The board is vested with the decision-

making responsibility of our Villas community. According to our governing documents,

Because of this, we need to have directors that are well

it has “Sweeping Authority.” informed on the ongoing

business of the Villas. Attending Villas meetings regularly is a good way to become well informed. Serving on one of the board’s committees is another. I believe we need to continue to

encourage committee participation with the idea that it is a great way to serve our neighborhood and a perfect avenue to better understand what makes the Villas “tick.” A homeowner who does become involved in one of the fi ve committees that report to the board is more likely to move one step further and agree to serve as a director. The Communication, Contracts, Finance, Landscape and Paint and Exterior committees are all vitally important to the well-being of the Villas. Their activities and their recommendations help the board to make good decisions. Each of


committees has a board liaison to enhance communication. If we work toward

continually adding to the membership

of these groups, we will not only have stronger committees, but we’ll enjoy a pool of potential board members who can bring valuable experience to the table. At

board approved fi ve new committee members.

the December Villas meeting, This

is the largest new

membership I can recall. I view this as a very positive indication that homeowners are realizing more and more the importance of each of us pitching in and doing our part. We can be sure that

the more involved

homeowners are, the more well informed they are. That truly is the secret of a strong community; and that is my vision for this wonderful Villas neighborhood we live in. I have participated actively in the Villas

since we moved here in 2003 and have served as a board member for the past fi ve years. I look forward to spending another term working to continue and to expand the good work that is already underway. Neva Speas - 63735 E. Haven

Lane, 520-825-5594, Unit/Lot 35/39, My vision for the 2011 SaddleBrooke

Villas II Board of Directors is to provide a vision for more community involvement. For those of you who know me, I am a perfect example of those who do not get involved. I am currently, and have been for about 18 months, serving on the Villas Social Committee. I believe this has made me realize how important it

is to be a

working part of our own community. I hope to inspire other homeowners

to do the

same. I believe it is time for our residents to take part in our association. The majority of my work experience

has been in the fi eld of procurement- -Jantzen, Inc., Portland, Oregon as corporate purchasing manager responsible for all maintenance, repairs, operations, and (MRO) buyer; Santa Barbara (CA) Medical Foundation as MRO and buyer; and Raytheon (Goleta, CA). We have relocated many times due to my husband’s employment, which I believe has helped me gain more knowledge in my fi eld. I have volunteered in each of these locations: Portland, OR, Meridian Park Hospital (Tualatin), reception and mail room; St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Hospice Care and Oro Valley Hospital (AZ), out patient registration for lab and X-ray and in Human Resources. Bill Todd - 63638 E. Harmony

Drive, 520-829-1221, Unit/Lot 35A/20, I have been a full time resident of the

villas for two years. I owned a software business for 20 years, and I believe my business experience can help the board preserve the value of our homes and our community while minimizing the cost to all homeowners. In addition, I can fi ll the board’s need for a full time resident member to ensure a quorum is present during the summer. 

SaddleBrooke Delta Gammas selling geraniums

Margaret Hubert Once again, geraniums are available in

SaddleBrooke in late February. These are locally grown and beautiful plants being sold by the SaddleBrooke Delta Gammas. The proceeds from this sale benefi t the visually impaired children and adults


the Tucson area. Delta Gammas’ national project is Service for Sight with agencies in Tucson receiving our support. They are Sun Sounds (recordings for the blind), Paws for Cause (training of guide dogs), and Southern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired. Our photo shows a salmon color, which

is available in six-inch pots, which also feature red, white, mosaic red,


violet and rose (new color) for $7.50 each or three for $22. The 10-inch hanging baskets are red, coral (new), hot pink, and burgundy, which are offered at $16 each or two for $31.


Our expected delivery date to is

February 25 with an

order deadline of February 18. Please call Beth Effenberger at 825-6964 or Margaret Hubert at 818-9213 to place your order. 


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