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residents of the Tri-Community area of southeast Pinal County. They are all involved in the Meals on Wheels program that is based at the Hayden Senior Center in Hayden. Eighty-one seniors were adopted. Church members adopting seniors were

provided with a name and clothing sizes. Participants then shopped for the seniors they had adopted. Gifts were brought to Sunday services and temporarily stored at the home of the project chair, Sue Westby. The Adopt-a-Senior program was former SaddleBrooke

the brainchild of

resident Nancy Katte some seven years ago. She presented it to the Missions Committee where it was unanimously approved. Since then, the program has been considered a part of the committee’s efforts to focus attention on the elderly and on the needs of the Tri-Community area.

On December 15, 21 members of the

Community Church and eight vehicles full of gifts departed for Hayden to deliver the gifts to the senior center. This compares

with the fi rst year of the program when four church members and one vehicle did the delivery. The church members making


delivery this year were led by Sue Westby and her husband, Steve. Accompanying the Westbys were Cleo Mathews, Sharon and Bud Dunn, Barbara Webb, Gary and Dee Zellinger, Curtis and Betty Layton, Pat Moore, Colleen Merrill, Dick Kroese, Jim and Barb Atkinson, Tom and Bete Hollman, Terry and Vicki Cunningham, and Michael Newberry. The group had lunch at the center, met several of the adopted seniors, and spent time with Anita Hinojos, Meals on Wheels director. The Missions Committee meets

quarterly and has a number of special projects throughout the year. Pat Moore was chair for 2010. Jerry Schudda is 2011 chair.


The Community Church at is

Arts Center. All are welcome.

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church and holds one Sunday service at 8:30 a.m. at

the DesertView Performing

Don Holliday SaddleBrooke singer/actor Don Holliday it again,

this time playing an Italian

grandfather in the delightful, poignantly funny, Over the River and Through the Woods by Joe DiPietro. Don says, “I grew up in a little Kansas

town. There is not a drop of Italian blood in our family, and we live nowhere near Hoboken, NJ. But we’re just as wacky and emotional and loving as the family in this play. My own grandmother performed gustatory miracles in her tiny kitchen while the whole family gathered, neighbors too, to celebrate all major holidays. Each cousin and aunt would bring her own covered dish specialty, and we all feasted shamelessly. My grandfather, ‘Daddy,’ was a practical, no-nonsense man; but as the holiday drew to a close and the family departed, Daddy would stand in the yard, waving goodbye, tears streaming down his face.” If your family is like that, or even if it isn’t,

you will laugh as this family’s only grandson struggles through the commotion and noise to announce the news of his promotion. You may shed a sympathetic tear as the grandparents realize that he will be moving far away. You might shed another tear as they recall the events that brought them to where they are today. But you will defi nitely leave the theatre feeling the warm glow of this loving family. Don says that performing in this play is

like a paean to his own family of days gone by. But it also means that he must learn to — January 2011

Over the river—not over the hill is at

Don Holliday plays an Italian grandfather in the poignant play, Over the River and Through the Woods.

play the mandolin, at least a little! Over the River and Through the

Woods is directed by Adele Furman, and is a production of the Festival Repertory Theatre. It will open at the Cabaret Theatre (upstairs at

the Temple of Music and

Art,) 330 Scott Boulevard on February 4. Performances will be Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. through February 20. Tickets are $18, with senior and group rates available. For tickets and information, call 529-2829. 




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