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30-1202 SPORTSSTUFF® GIZMO SNOWMOBILE Simply hop on board and let the amazing GIZMO SNOWMOBILE do the work. Its exclusive snowmobile shaped design features 6P K80 PVC construction and directional Swiftex bottom surface, so you can ride in any direction you choose. The Safety Valve makes inflation fast and easy and the molded PVC handles, with plenty of mitten room, allow steering and holding on tight all the way down your favorite sledding hill. The GIZMO even has a convenient molded PVC grommet with leash, so you can pull the tube back up the hill when you get to the bottom! Size: 1 Rider, 43 in. x 23 in. (deflated) 42 in. x 21 in. (inflated)

30-1102 SPORTSSTUFF® SNOPEDO SNO BODYBOARD Fire away leaving your mark on the slopes with the SNOPEDO Sno Bodyboard! This classic air cushioned inflatable tube features slick 6P K80 PVC construction, safety valve for fast inflation, and bold eye-catching graphics that will make you the talk of the hill! The sleek aerodynamic design can be ridden in a seated or prone position, featuring two molded PVC handles with plenty of mitten room. With SNOPEDO, you’re loaded and ready for action this winter, so let it snow! Size: 1 Rider, 43 in. x 22 in. (deflated) 42 in. x 19 in. (inflated)

30-1002 SPORTSSTUFF® RALLY Start your engine and prepare for maximum sledding action with the classic RALLY Snow Tube! This cherry red, flaming hot rod features slick 6P K80 PVC construction, safety valve for fast inflation, and molded handles with plenty of mitten room. The RALLY is fully loaded with bold eye-catching graphics and cup-like seating for extra stability on your favorite sledding hill. Peel-out and fly down the slopes, sledding in style on the RALLY this winter! Size: 1 Rider, 36 in. (deflated) 32 in. (inflated)

30-3524 SPORTSSTUFF® AIR FLYER™ AIR FLYER is a king-size classic round snow tube with room for two. It features 4 over-sized molded PVC handles, a single chamber design and convenient Speed Safety Valve for fast inflation and deflation. Fly down your favorite sledding hill in air cushioned comfort on this giant snow tube. Constructed of slick 6P K80 PVC with cold-crack additive the AIR FLYER is one serious inflatable sled. Doubles as a pool, lake or beach lounge! Size: 1-2 Rider, 60.5 in. (deflated) 56 in. (inflated)


hot looking, classic round snow tube, made extra large to enable various riding positions! Fly down your favorite sledding hill gripping the oversized molded PVC handles in the air cushioned comfort of this enormous Americana joy ride. It’s also equipped with a Speed Safety Valve so you can inflate/deflate your tube fast and get sledding in a hurry! Enjoy the bright patriotic graphics all year round by thrashing down the slopes during the winter or lounging in the summer at your favorite pool or beach. Size: 1 Rider, 48 in. (deflated) 43 in. (inflated)

30-1602 & 30-2312 SPORTSSTUFF® HEATSEEKER™ & SPEEDSEEKER™ SPEEDSEEKER and HEATSEEKER feature a Swiftex directional bottom that will guide you and a friend straight down your favorite slopes this winter. These hi-tech tubes feature a 6P K80 PVC construction and an ergonomic design with comfortable mesh seating to keep you and a friend sledding all day long. The patented Speed Safety Valve makes inflation fast and easy and the wide molded PVC handles provide the grip needed to take your sledding adventure to a whole new level. Use the attached lanyard to pull it back up the hill. Find a co-pilot and charge the slopes on the SEEKER series, or use at the pool, beach, or lake for maximum relaxation in the summer time! 30-1602: 1 Rider, 44 in. x 27 in. (deflated) 30-2312: 1-2 Rider, 70 in. x 34 in. (deflated)

30-2525 SPORTSSTUFF® DOUBLE AMERISPORT Take a friend along for a ride on the DOUBLE AMERISPORT! You and your co- pilot will be carving tracks down the slopes with unmatched stability and grace! Get creative and use the heavy-duty molded PVC Handles for different riding positions to combat the terrain and show the snow who’s boss. Featuring a Speed Safety Valve for the fastest inflation possible and slick 6P K80 PVC with cold-crack additive for long service. Don’t forget to take it with you to the pool for some great summertime fun during the off season! Size: 1-2 Rider, 78 in. x 49 in. (deflated) 71 in. x 43 in. (inflated)

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