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Hudson~Litchfield NewsHudson Volume 21 Number 24 January 7, 2011 16 Pages

Nottingham West Leaders Foster Positive Change

by Doug Robinson

Students mentoring other students. Students helping and assisting fellow students. Students reading to other students. Students holding hands with young students and making sure they get on the bus safely. “This Nottingham West Leadership team is amazing,” writes

fifth-grade Nottingham West student Tammy Greenview. “The leadership team is a group of some of the fifth-grade students that help the school whenever help is needed. Leadership is a big part of the school that’s ready to help at any time. I love being a part of this team because it makes me feel that I can help my school in many ways.” Nottingham West students must apply in writing, providing

why they wish to be considered to be a school leader, as well as receive written recommendations from people other than their family as to why said student should be selected a Nottingham West Leader.

Guidance Counselor Meg Williams stated that the leadership team came into existence because kids are gifted with the leadership ability. “We just need to share it. Our job is to create and then develop the abilities and strengths of these children,” she said.

In addition to the written application and personal references, the fifth graders must also write an essay as to why they wish to be considered to be a leader. In their essay, they must communicate clearly how they can contribute to the program. “Kids take this very seriously,” continued Williams. Leaders must commit to PAWS: positive attitude, acting responsibly, working and playing safely, as well as always being respectful. Students need to exemplify these qualities always, should they be chosen to be a school leader. In addition to their leadership responsibilities to their fellow classmates, Nottingham West Leaders also exemplify how to give back to their community. Participation with the National Bake Sale, a local food bank, the Humane Society, and UNICEF lists only a few of the dozens of projects in which these school leaders participate. As part of their essay requirement, students were asked to write something that they would like to see changed at Nottingham West. Nearly one-third of the students requested a healthier menu for lunch. Another student requested that the Pledge of Allegiance be recited before the birthday announcements as their way to pay more aspect to our soldiers. As the Nottingham West fifth grade leaders walk among their peers, comments such as “you can do it,” “good job,” and “I can help you” can be heard through the halls and stairways of Nottingham West.

“I like to be a part of positive change. My voice is heard. What I think and feel matters,” comments a leader.

Nottingham West Leaders Zach’s Stadium Approved by Hudson Selectmen

by Doug Robinson The Hudson Board of Selectmen finally completed dotting the Is and crossing the Ts with regards to the leasing of town property to the Hudson-Litchfield Youth Football/Cheer (HLYFC) organization for the purpose of building Zach’s Stadium. To be located on Industrial Ave., Zach’s Stadium will bring to reality the dream of a very young man who lost his life at a very early age. “Zach touched the

lives of many through his school affiliation and his active participation in community sports,” wrote Mike Roberts, President, Hudson Youth Football. “He personified the ideal athlete as a Hudson- Litchfield Bear. He went on to become a dominant linebacker and made his mark as a top tackler. Zach touched the lives of so many with his continuous and infectious

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School Board Cuts

2012 Proposed Budget by $221,000

by Doug Robinson School administrators, executive personnel, and the Hudson School Board worked together and returned to the Hudson Budget Committee with combined budget cuts for their proposed budget by $221,000.

In order to accommodate these budget cuts, furniture purchases, an Alvirne High School bathroom renovation, and a new roof for one of the barns were placed on hold. The School Committee committed to return $117,000 to the town of Hudson from this year’s budget at year’s end. In addition, the School Board and School Administration chose not to fund a position for a teacher who will be retiring at the end of this fiscal year. This teacher/ administrator savings reflects an additional savings of $102,000. The savings impact to the Hudson taxpayer as a result of these budget cuts will be approximately nine cents per every $29,000 assessed.

Ten Locally Elected Reps

Blow Off Hudson Selectmen

by Doug Robinson

Hudson selectmen recently invited our local State Representatives to a Board of Selectmen (BOS) workshop for the purpose of sharing ideas and concerns, as well as to participate in a dialogue to improve Hudson.

Te sign says it all: Yes, Zach, you will have your stadium

smile and we will continue to admire him for his enduring winning attitude.” Zachary passed away from a condition

referred to as Long QT syndrome type 2 (LQT- 2). LQT2 is purely a cardiac electrophysiologic disorder, characterized by a heartbeat that does not act normally. Those who suffer with this continued to page 7- Zach Stadium

Unfortunately for the Hudson residents, only four NH Representatives responded to the BOS by the requested date: Representative Shawn Jasper, Representative George Lambert, Senator Carson, and Representative Lars Christiansen. The letter stated, “The Board of Selectmen cordially invites you to attend their workshop meeting on Tuesday, January 4, 2011, at 7:00 p.m. in the Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Room to discuss areas of mutual interest relative to the Town of Hudson. In particular, the Board would like to share with the delegation issues that are important to the Town that may require legislative action. The Board is also interested in hearing from the delegation about pending legislation that could impact Hudson. “The Selectmen see this as an opportunity to establish an ongoing dialogue with the delegation. One where there will be frequent updates on these issues that impact the Town. Please reply to this letter by Monday, December 27, 2010, whether you will be able to attend. We look forward to hearing from you. Representatives Ralph G. Boehm, Shaun S. Doherty, Russell T. Ober, III, Jordan G. Ulery, Randy Brownrigg, Laura Gandia, Lynne M. Ober, Robert H. Haefner, Jonathan S. Maltz, Andrew Renzullo.” The meeting has been rescheduled to the

February workshop. They have until January 24 to reply.

Selectman Rick Maddox signs the agreement along with Selectman Ben Nadeau, Selectman Shawn Jasper, Selectman Roger Coutu, Selectman Ken Massey, Mike Tompkins, Len Lathrop, and Bears President Mike Roberts

Snow Contest Winners

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staff photo by Doug Robinson

staff photo by Doug Robinson

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