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Leigh’s has carved a reputation for its selection of — and access to — brands found mostly in major cities as well as its innovative visual mer- chandising, which rivals some of the industry’s best, say peers like Murray and Derusha. And just because you don’t see a brand in the win- dows or on the floor at Leigh’s, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not available. “We have access to things,” says Leigh’s Creative Director Patrick Plank, the guru behind its displays. Murray of A.K. Rikk’s confesses that

Plank is “actually making me kinda jealous” when it comes to window displays. Even so, Murray is the name you hear most when talk turns to local fashion. When I ask Grand Rapids Social Diary Founder Laura Caprara about local fashion’s 2011 di- rection, she replies simply: “Ask Jim. I just listen.”

That, then, begs the question: What’s on

Murray’s radar when it comes to the Grand Rapids fashion future? He points to the fashion- conscious youth of the area, for one. “Kendall is being pushed really hard to come

up with real situations as far as a program. Kids do internships at local retailers. We’re seeing changes with young people — seeing another generation of people stepping up their game. As city growth, it’s a natural progression.” Murray also covets the arrival of an H&M

and a Levi’s store in the area, but if you believe in the “If you build it, they will come” phi- losophy, then heavy-weight women’s apparel retailer Anthropologie fits in neatly with the package Grand Rapids is assembling. The chain store — selling clothing, accessories, decorative items and gifts — is celebrated for its evocative catalogs and branding and is owned by Urban Outfitters, Inc., which also owns retail brands Urban Outfitters and Free People.

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MUFFIN-TOP: The dreaded pushup of extra flesh around the waist that then slightly over- laps onto (and due to) extremely tight jeans. This is the kiss of death in most circles.

JEGGINGS: Leggings made of jean material or faux-jean material that are then worn as jeans when they should remain under long tunics and not be misrepresented as actual jeans.

BITCH BAG: The teeny-tiniest purse carried by the ever-identifiable set of crotchety and mean girls at the bar that only have room in the bag for lipstick, credit card, compact mirror and knife — the nightlife survival guide.

STATEMENT PIECE: This item, whether necklace, or purse makes a very undeniable state- ment — usually one that translates to “I am better/richer/more important than you with my highly expensive and coveted item.”

SHOEGASM: The act of having a near-sexual experience by proximity of exquisite shoes. REVUEWM.COM | JANUARY 2011 | 33


Mr. Couture is drawn mainly to European-fitted clothing. Coming close behind are the accessories — bowties, sun- glasses, jewelry and rare pieces — that bring personality to his outfit. Couture is the founder of Kev Couture Fashion, Inc. — a fashion consulting company providing fashion styling and personal wardrobe consultations. After spending more than a decade in the fashion industry, Couture’s says “looking stylish is not about chasing every fashion trend, but improving your overall look.” This transformation takes into account the content of your wardrobe, your individual shape, size and coloring, as well as styles and trends of the season. Throw in some much-needed guidelines and rules

and gaps in your wardrobe and you’ll be a walking inspiration just oozing Kev cool like the kind found on the streets of New York. In need of Couture’s services? Ring him up at (616) 885-4855.

NEW MODEL Andrea Horn

Meet girl-next-door, beach babe and fashion vixen Andrea Horn. Horn is represented by the Matthew Agency, Inc. and is an extremely versatile model that easily slips from fashion to commercial. With a strong presence on the runway, she’s known for “stares that kill and smiles that melt your heart,” according to Jerrad Matthew, owner and director of the Matthew Agency. Her talent’s stretch beyond modeling and head behind the camera where Horn is a student at Kendall College of Art and Design studying — you guessed it — photography. She has been the face of Fashion’s Night Out, worked with many of the area’s top photographers and walked in nearly every runway show the Matthew Agency has produced. She’s got the backing of A.K. Rikk’s GM Jim Murray when it comes to work ethic and looks darling yet durable enough to take a cell phone to the head if she ever got Naomi Campbell miffed.

Meet Tieka (tee-kuh). She’s living along the shoreline of West Michigan and piecing together her style blog (selec- — one Minnie Mouse-inspired sweater and tubular scarf at a time. The graphic de- signer and fashion blogger adores music and adventures. “Personal style, inspiration and down-to-earth” are three words she prefers to describe her blog but characterizing it in terms of three articles of clothing might be more fun. “My readers would absolutely agree on this: sleeved floral dress, lace up boots and patterned tights.” Tieka’s blog showcases outfits within the context of familiar locale (Robinette’s Apple Haus, Windmill Island in Holland and a parade in Grand Haven) in a fashion magazine spread meets little kid’s viewfinder kind of way.




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