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Aside from just providing

useful information for fans about bands and shows, Ziebarth says one of Halfway House’s biggest draws is the site’s “session videos.” In these sessions, the Halfway team invites a band to come and perform at Stone House Recording studio. The ses- sion is recorded and video is put on the site. Past sessions have included

bands such as Frontier Ruckus, Cadillac Sky, Charles the Osprey and Ribbons of Song — but it was indie favorites Surfer Blood that re- ally helped Halfway House Music gain some recognition. When the band was in Grand Rapids during ArtPrize this past fall for a show at Rosa Parks Circle, it kindly stopped by the Stone House studio for a live session. During the session the band debuted new songs, as well as cover of Pavement’s “Box Elder.” The session wound up being featured on such noted websites as NPR Music and Pitchfork Media. While Ziebarth does the blog-

ging for Halfway House Music, he credits the live sessions as being the main draw of the site. Peter Fox of Stone House Recording does all the engineering, Ziebarth and Jeremy Best share videographer duties, and Nicole LaRae does still photogra- phy. The site has been live since March 22, 2010. By Nick Manes



Lounge Grand Rapids’ sleekest new bar may seem elusive, but the Leopard Lounge Cocktail Boutique is hid- ing in plain sight inside the Louis Benton Steakhouse on Monroe Center and Ottawa. Its camouflage conveys an air of exclusivity, but one needn’t valet park an Escalade to gain entrance. This is no staid steakhouse bar serving naught-but- icy dry gin and olives, but a vibrant, upscale, yet youthful lounge serv- ing comely cocktails. Plus, the nice valets will park even the dingiest hatchback, gratis (though tips are always appreciated). A high-end touch that makes strapping on heels easier. Good thing, as this is a place to dress to impress.


method. Jazzercise combines a wide array of movement, like Pilates, resistance training, and stretching with jazz dance to create a dynamic workout. Warm up, power through basic cardio and learn easy-to-follow routines set to the backdrop of Top 40 hits, funk, blues, hip hop, country and rock. Jazzercise is suitable for all fitness levels. Offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Spotlight Dance Academy, the first class is for free. Breakdancing is more than an impressive


dance form performed on cobbled together cardboard boxes. It’s intensive exercise that

azzercise is back! Put away your vintage records, update your 1980s high-cut leotard and check out this revived fitness

builds core strength, balance and utilizes some acrobatics. “Breaking is for everybody,” says Raze, owner and instructor at 61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy. The new academy, which opened in October 2010, offers classes for all ages and all levels. “My number one goal is to make sure everyone has a good time.” The academy also features a new fitness class called Aerobreaks which incorporates traditional aerobic and fitness movements with hip hop, creating a high energy experience. In addition to classes, open studio times are available featuring DJ Sefton, allowing students and pros the op- portunity to practice and rock out. Yoga is an ancient, physical art form that has gone mainstream, opening the world to

the Leopard Lounge has acclaimed Midwestern DJs Todd Ernst and Stoz on retainer to ensure a rau- cous weekend. On Friday nights, DJ Todd Ernst features a laid-back vibe with down-tempo house beats, and Saturday heats up with DJ Stoz spinning an eclectic mix of electro, hip-hop, rock and more. The Leopard Lounge Cocktail

Any self-described “cocktail

boutique” would be amiss with- out specialties, and the Leopard Lounge’s signature list does not disappoint. Leave the Jägerbomb for the plebs and indulge in a Stimulation, an espresso-laced martini which will have one danc- ing in no time. Don’t expect a canned track list here, though, as

Boutique is open on Friday and Saturday only, from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. Cocktails start at $4 and up. Check the Lounge’s Twitter feed for specials ( loungegr). By Lydia Clowney

u 77 Monroe Center Ste. 100, Grand Rapids /, (616) 454-7455

NEW VENUE The Pyramid

Scheme As though they need another, fans of great drinks and great music in Grand Rapids will soon have one more reason to rejoice. Brother and sister business duo, Jeff and Tami VandenBerg, who together own The Meanwhile Bar at the corner of Wealthy and Diamond, are preparing to open their second bar. The Pyramid Scheme is

primed to enjoy success similar to that which The Meanwhile has enjoyed. Aside from having a front

bar, The Pyramid Scheme will also have a midsize music venue. Considering that both Jeff

and Tami were instrumental in the founding of the Division Avenue Arts Cooperative (DAAC) and Jeff runs the local record company Friction Records, the two of them operating a high-profile music venue is a logical next step. “In the last couple

of years the need for a mid-size venue has been amplified as the art and

music scene has grown stronger and received more

attention,” Tami said. “National

and regional bands were regularly contacting Jeff and other promoters to play here, and finding the right

Karri Reinbold of Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse. PHOTO: TYLER CARD

its transformative powers. The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse kicks the art up a notch, teach- ing Baptiste-Style Power Vinyasa in a 95 degree room. “Heat makes you sweat, which is incred- ibly detoxifying and healing for the body,” said Karri Reinbold, “Chief Guru Officer,” who runs the hothouse with her husband, Chris. The ben- efit of the high temperature is that “it makes you more loose and pliable.” This brand-spanking new studio opened in December 2010 and has already turned on new devotees. Hot yoga is great for seasoned practi- tioners and newbies alike and offers a cozy, sweaty haven during Michigan’s eternal winter. By Audria Larsen

u Breakdancing & Aerobreaks: 61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy, Grand Rapids /, (616) 558-1384

Jazzercize: Spotlight Dance Academy, Grand Haven /, (616) 850-0060

Hot Yoga: The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse, Grand Rapids /, (616) 459-9642



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