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Arcadia Ales C

by Kelly Quintanilla |

BEER OF THE MONTH: The Hideout’s Smuggler’s Hazelnut Stout

EREAL CITY MAY one day be known as brew city if Arcadia Brewing Company maintains its current pace. Record sales in 2010 sparked a $200k expansion to increase production beyond the 10,000 barrels they brewed last year – a far cry from where it

started in 1996. “What started out as seeming really spacious has really gotten tight over

15 years,” says Founder Tim Surprise, who started the brewery as a 500-barrel operation. Located in downtown Battle Creek, the pub has a comfortable feel, a

perfectly cozy ambiance that makes both a regular and an out-of-towner feel right at home. Patrons can watch the brewers in action through the windows separating

the pub from the brewery, which houses an authentic British brewery system to create Arcadia’s British-style ales. Because it only uses one particular type of yeast that’s used by only a handful of microbreweries worldwide, Arcadia could never produce a Belgian or a lager. “We import a lot of malted barley from the UK, and it provides a

distinctive mouth-feel, quality and flavor that’s essential to a great beer,” Surprise said. Not only does Arcadia specialize in beer, but it has an extremely ex-

tensive menu, running the gamut from soups, salads and sandwiches to jambalaya, ossobuco, sea bass and wood-fired pizzas. And the beer menu doesn’t disappoint, either. For just $10, indecisive

customers can get a tray of 10 samples – one of everything the brewery offers on tap. Arcadia IPA, Cereal Killer, Big Dick’s Olde Ale and Hopmouth are fan favorites, and two recent introductions – Panama Red and B Craft – were so popular with brewery customers that they’ll be bottled this year. To celebrate the brewery’s 15th anniversary in June, Arcadia will shut

down a stretch of West Michigan Ave. to resurrect Blues, Brews & BBQ, an outdoor concert extravaganza. “We haven’t held this in a few years because we’ve been focusing on the

wholesale and restaurant sides of the business, but we’re bringing it back,” Surprise says. He hinted that beer lovers can look forward to other significant product and brand extensions during Arcadia’s milestone anniversary this year. n

Arcadia Brewing Company,, (269) 963-9690. 103 West Michigan Ave., Battle Creek.


HE HIDEOUT’S Smuggler’s Hazelnut Stout has been a mainstay since the brewery opened in its nearly-impossible-to-find location off Plainfield in 2005.

Smuggler’s Hazelnut Stout begins with the same recipe

used for the brewery’s Cement Shoe Stout, and is distin- guished by the addition of fresh ground, brewed coffee steeped in at the end of the brewing process. After some trial and error with coffee blends, The Hideout owners Ken and Laura McPhail discovered that local favorite Schuil Coffee Co.’s Hazelnut Cream coffee provided the best comple- ment to the existing flavors of the stout. “It has a really great flavor



ABV: 5.6% Cost: $4.25/pint

that matches the profile of the stout really well,” Ken said. “It doesn’t require any artificial

sweetener and isn’t too strong on coffee like an espresso stout.” Patrons have the option of getting the Smuggler’s

Hazelnut Stout on “nitro” or carbon dioxide. Simply switching the gas used to dispense the beer results in two completely different beverages in the drinker’s pint glass. The CO2 version gives the stout a much more defined

coffee aroma and taste, while the nitro stout is more smooth and creamy, with a foamy, large-and-in-charge head. Ken says customers are split 50/50 in their preferences, and he could never get rid of either version for fear of a mutiny. “The CO2 gives it more flavor and bite, while the nitro

mellows it out,” he said.

Swing by The Hideout at 3133 Plaza Drive NE in Grand Rapids to try one of each and choose your favorite. (616) 361-9658,


SHORT’S KEY LIME PIE and BELL’S BATCH 9000 were named to DRAFT MAGAZINE’S Top 25 Beers of 2010, while the magazine named BREWERY VIVANT one of 12 breweries to watch this year.

Tickets for the sure-to-sell-out 6TH ANNUAL WINTER BEER FESTIVAL at FIFTH THIRD BALLPARK on Feb. 26 are now avail- able at The fest features more than 250 beers from 45 breweries, and 15 tasting tokens are included with each ticket.

SAUGATUCK BREWING CO. is hosting beer/food pairings in Grand Rapids this month. The first is at Derby Station Jan. 11 and the second is at GRAYDON’S CROSSING Jan. 25. Call the pubs for details and reservations.

RIGHT BRAIN BREWERY in Traverse City recently added two ad- ditional brewing tanks, allowing it to keep patrons satiated with the additional production.

SCHMOHZ has released ZINGIBERENE ALE, a light, malt-based ale made with fresh ginger instead of hops. The recipe was first introduced during the hops shortage of 2007, and the brewery brings this natural energy beer back every winter.



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