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extraordinary All Star Clinicians converge for 1-day event in cowtown TEXAS HORSE INDUSTRY’S INFORMATIONAL SOURCE SINCE 1996

Volume Fifteen - Issue Five January 2011

Michael Richardson benefit to feature Pat & Linda parelli, Craig cameron, Chris cox, Curt pate, Tom curtin, Buster McLaury & Lee smith Don’t miss the oppor-

tunity to see Pat & Linda Parelli, Craig Cameron, Chris Cox, Curt Pate, Tom Curtin, Buster McLau- ry, and Lee Smith all presenting at the same one-day event! Held at the Cowtown Coliseum in Ft. Worth, Texas on January 9, 2011, these clinicians are turning out to support paraplegic horseman and friend, Michael Richardson. Actively involved

Michael Richardson

Gypsy Horses will entertain and amaze the crowds at the Fort Worth Stock Show January 28-30, 2011. This incredible breed’s popularity is growing at an amazing pace with a record number of newly registered horses this year according to Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. reports. The first thing you notice is their incredibly interesting and flashy looks with long manes and tails, abundant feather, and their shorter size of typically 14 to 15 hands. But the most desirable qual- ity is their calm, quiet, cooperative personalities. They have no intense desire to act flighty or dangerous and

For the third year, the

used primarily for driving by the Romani, nomadic Gypsy people in England and Ireland, but in Ameri- ca they are using their intelligence to excel in many disciplines. They are calm, safe trail companions, incredible ranch versatility horses with amazing cow sense, reining, roping, trick horses, Western and English Pleasure competitors, dressage, jumpers, and just great safe companions. In its third year, the

Gypsy Horse World Show will educate and entertain the crowds

are the perfect family horse. Gypsy Horses were

gypsy horse world show to once again fascinate ft. worth

in the equine industry through- out his life, Richardson was a competitive hunter/jumper, a recreational fox hunter and a

class description can be seen at Come visit us in our stall area for photo ops and meeting the horses up close. We pride our- selves on educating our buyers and welcome your questions. Babies to stallions and horses for sale will be there. We will also be at the San Antonio Stock Show weekends beginning February 4.

Let’s Rodeo San Antonio! Horse Event Changes & Expansion

Horse Show events will de- but a new schedule for 2011. These changes allow for bet- ter use of the new Exposition Center and Stall Barn, giving the horse show events room to continue to grow. The 2011 Cutting

The San Antonio

show will kick off the horse show February 3-5 with an array of cutting classes featur- ing $65,000 in added money. The Mercuria/NCHA World Series of Cutting will be an exciting and spectator-friendly finals go-round at 3:30 pm on February 5th

during the Paint show on Feb- ruary 10th


middle weekend are the San Antonio Select Sale and the Ranch Gelding Stakes & Sale February 11-13, both renowned for their quality horses. Also that weekend, the Open Show has been expanded to a two- day schedule February 11-12. This year’s class list features adult classes and several fun new jackpot classes. February 13 will be “Dia de Vaquero” with performances in the Horse Arena crowd favorite Jerry Diaz and UYL high school division champion mariachis. Starting the final

week of the stock show is the Donkey & Mule show Febru- ary 13-14. The popular Barrel

Following that is the APHA Show, also double-points/dou- ble judged with NSBA classes February 9-10. Returning to the

will be February 5-8, featuring a full slate of double-points/ double-judged classes plus NSBA dual approved classes. Versatility Ranch will also be a double-points/double-judged show on Tuesday, February 8th


Racing events, with $17,000 in added money, will be Feb- ruary 15-16. Team Penning will bring a strong finish to the horse show schedule, with three full days of competition February 17-19. As always , the

contestants are actual working cowboys from ranches in and around South Texas. General admission tickets are $15, and include grounds admission. Seats will sell out early for this popular event, so call 210-225- 5851 soon for Ranch Rodeo tickets.

adults will find the Horse Edu- cation Center in its new home

Horse crazy kids and . Ranch Rodeo

Ranch Rodeo Finals will close up the horse events on Sunday, February 20th

dose on horse events – the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo’s Exposition Center is the place to go! The facility is climate controlled and seats 1,500 spectators, with conces- sions and great prime commer- cial exhibits. For more information

in the Exposition Center every day of the show. The Horse Education Center features edu- cational displays, booths, and demos highlighting breeds, the history of the horse, and its impact on our modern society. If you want to over-

The AQHA Show

Additional cutting classes will be held in the AQHA show held on February 5th

and also BLUE

“Al” is a 9-year-old, 15h sorrel gelding from the ranching country near Luling, TX. Al is a very good riding horse with an excellent rein, stop, and back-up. He rides with a loose rein and walks, trots, and lopes only on command. He has a smooth short lope that would make the best of riders smile. It is very obvious that this horse was trained very well by someone that really knew what they were doing. He is athletic, with a smooth prompt response to his cues. I think this horse would intimidate the “Beginner” and “Novice” rider and would be best suited to the “Intermediate” and “Experienced” riders. We have ridden this horse in the pasture and in the pens, and he excellent, wher- ever you ride him. He goes wherever you point him and has not spooked at anything. I haven’t found him to have any bad habits in the time I have had him.

– free admission!

with 70 registered horses from around the United States. Additional new and exciting classes have been added for 2011 including Driving Obstacle, Working Hunter, and the very exciting Freestyle on Sunday. The class schedule and

injury would not define his life, he began therapeutic riding ses- sions just five weeks after his accident. Becoming involved with the North American Riding for the Handicapped Associa- tion (NARHA) Richardson has turned what most would consider a very negative circumstance into a positive life direction. Richardson has faced

passionate horseman. In 1986, a deer on Jeep rollover accident almost ended his life and left him a paraplegic. Deciding that his

many trials and tribulations since his initial accident. An ad- ditional auto accident, a brown recluse spider bite and numer- ous surgeries have all proved to be roadblocks to successful recovery. Constantly in and out of hospitals, some would say that Richardson “can’t catch a break”.

“It is so heartwarming

that several of the nation’s most famous clinicians and personali- ties think so much of Michael as to re-arrange their busy schedules and present at the benefit clinic.

It’s absolutely wonderful they are prepared to donate their time to help Michael in his endeavors to get well,” says Bill Muncaster, benefit spearhead. Announcing at the

event will be Rick Lamb, of “The Horse Show with Rick Lamb”, alongside horseman and clinician Peter Campbell. Allen Pogue’s “Imagine A Horse” will provide unique equine entertain- ment.

There will be a Live &

Silent Auction during and after the benefit. Included in the live auction will be something person rom each presenting clinician to be auctioned before each presen- tation.

The benefit clinic

price starts at $25, however donations of any size will be accepted. Growing bigger and bigger by the day, the event is likely to be held to a sold-out crowd and pre-ordering of tick- ets is recommended. To purchase tickets to

the Michael Richardson Benefit, become a fan on Facebook by visit- ing richardsonbenefit or pay through a private PayPal account by sending funds to The Michael Richardson Benefit Fund through michael@ Please make sure to print your ticket receipt as this will be your admittance to the event! Call 940-768-2272 for more information or to make a donation to the Live and Silent Auctions.

Photo at left: Sue DeLaurentis of in Drip- ping Springs, Texas and A Wizards Spell Trevor of A Wizards Spell Ranch in Burleson, Texas practic- ing for their participation in the Freestyle class.

“Blue” is a 12-year-old, 14.3h grey gelding, from ranching country near Pleasanton, TX. Blue appears to be a quiet gentle horse, that had been turned out for the last couple of years when I purchased him. He was used for a little of everything and is very willing to please, and seems to have a forgiving attitude (should you make a riding error). He has a very good rein, stop, and back-up. He has a good quiet walk and will move straight into the smoothest, slow lope you have ever ridden. He does not appear to have any bad hab- its, and it is very obvious that he is well trained by someone that knew what they were doing. I believe this horse would be suitable for “Beginner” and “Novice” riders, and really enjoyable for the “Intermediate” and “Experienced “ riders. This horse is an absolute pleasure to be around and to ride. He is easy to load, shoe, saddle, and mount. He would be a real asset to any family,stable, ranch, or arena.


about the horse events held at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, you can call the Horse Show Office at 210-225- 1309 or visit www.sarodeo. com.


“Coal” is a 11-year-old, 15h beautiful grulla gelding. He came from the South Texas ranching area near Beeville, TX. Coal is a gentle horse with a good rein, stop, and back up, and doesn’t appear to have any bad habits. I think this would be a good horse for everyone from Beginners to the most Experienced rid- ers. I actually believe this horse could be ridden ‘English’ and probably do quite well. He is very athletic, and is willing to go and do whatever you ask him, when you ask him. He likes the trails and the lesson pen, and arena all equally the same. This horse has a forgiving attitude and I do not believe will get ner- vous or upset if you make any riding errors. He is a pleasure to be around and is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount.

“Home of the Original 30-Day Exchange Guarantee” Visit our website for more horses, pictures, prices and contact information, 2447 East Borgfeld • San Antonio, TX 78260 • (7 miles North of San Antonio on Hwy 281) Visit us at:

Rodeo Time!

It’s Stock Show and


9214 Victory Pass Dr. San Antonio, Texas 78240



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