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Pelham - Windham News December 17, 2010 - 11

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Pelham~Windham News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Pelham~Windham News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs up to the Greeley Singers who

performed a magnificent Handel’s Messiah at the Congregational Church on December 4th. The chorus was tremendous, the soloists were superb and to have the Messiah performed here in Pelham was such a treat.

I would say that

their performance was equal to any I have heard in Boston, and we all stood for the Hallelujah Chorus. A great evening was had by all. An encore maybe? Thank you, thank you Greeley singers. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!”

“Thumbs down to Mahoney & Dube. Your solutions to Pelham’s accreditation issues are

“Thumbs up to Bryce, Revis, Smitty, Muggsy

and Cheese for making the cut. Play well Boys! From a very Proud Mom.”

“Thumbs down to Pelham School Board

members Mahoney & Dube. To put lipstick and nail polish on that disaster you call a high school is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money. Stop wasting our money!”

“Thumbs down to the person at Windham

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short-sighted and wasteful. HVAC, sprinklers and additional student parking - THOSE are your primary accreditation concerns? Until a long-term high school solution is identified and approved, pursuing these projects does not make fiscal sense. We all agree that at the very least, the high school needs a renovation. Why invest in projects that are outside of a well-defined long-term plan? Do HVAC and sprinklers now and then do them again in a year or two when walls are added between classrooms? What a waste! Where’s your big- picture, long-term thinking?”

“Thumbs down to apples and oranges math.

4-school model = apples. Addition to high school = oranges. To add them together is meaningless. They are mutually exclusive plans with ultimately comparable price tags. The 4-school model relocates middle school students to a renovated structure, directly addressing the overcrowding that threatens our accreditation.

It modifies the

current high school to support 2 lower grades, less costly than modifying it for 4 high school grades which require high school level laboratories and facilities. A new school means no addition costs. No relocated parking and playing field costs. No septic relocation or county water costs. No science labs to support high school academics. A retrofit and addition to the existing high school for 4 grades at the higher levels requires all of these projects and more. Add apples to apples and oranges to oranges and your costs are comparable.”

“Thumbs up to the parents and coaches of 8th

grade Pelham/Windham boys that got invited to play for the NH ALL*STARS in FLORIDA. Taking time off of work and volunteering your time to help these kids have a once in a lifetime experience is very admirable.”

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High School who makes the calendar entries for the Fine Arts Department on the school website. For all performances of ‘The Crucible’ and the Band and Choral Concert, no performance times were posted in the calendar. If a person is making their entertainment plans for the evening and they can’t get that information, they will blow off the theater event or concert and go see a movie. This is especially true of a weekend production (The Crucible), when there is nobody answering the phones at WHS from 3:30 on Friday till Monday morning.”

“Thumbs down to Windham High School for not having

someone answering the phones after 3:30 pm. With teams, clubs, fine arts, and other activities, there are hundreds of people in that facility and there is absolutely no way of reaching a student or faculty member in case of an emergency or some matter of urgency. Cell phones are not allowed or even being carried during most of these activities. It is irresponsible for the school to make it impossible for a parent to reach their child or responsible adult for what could be up to 4 or 5 hours.”

“Thumbs down to the person that allowed

the ‘Flute Ensemble’ to play at the WHS Music Department Winter Concert. The concert should be for musical groups that are led by the Music Department and open to all students who may want to participate. Allowing them to perform means we should allow all Windham High students that independently start a musical group to play at the school’s concerts. That would include the students with their rock and roll bands and it could be long concert. “

“Thumbs up to the thumbs about

obstructionists! I laughed so hard I couldn’t stand it anymore. The biggest obstructionists this town has seen is Ms. Mahoney and her gang. They have obstructed any reasonable, affordable and practical plan that has been presented by engineers, architects and several different committees made up of townspeople. They are only concerned with not spending a dime. They don’t care about accreditation, unless they can use it to get what they want. Nothing! We all heard and read letters to the editor of what Ms Mahoney thought loud and clear about accreditation. She doesn’t care, she just wants to keep her money and in the long run she will cost Pelham taxpayers millions of dollars. I just hope the state, DOE and accreditation committee


You’ve got all those extra cards and packages and it’s tough driving around all day. Thank you!!”

“Thumbs down to the cold. It seems like only

yesterday that we were all complaining about the very hot summer we had, but now that it’s so cold, that heat and humidity sure sounds good!”

“Thumbs up to the workers at the sub shop in

Pelham Plaza. The girls are always so friendly and happy to make your sandwich just the way you like it.”

“Thumbs up to the addition on the senior

center in Pelham! It’s looking fantastic. I can’t wait for the seniors to start being able to enjoy all their new space.”

“Thumbs up to the wonderful hand bell choir

at the Pelham Congregational church. What a talented group! The music is beautiful.”

“Thumbs up to all the little kids at Christmas

time. That’s what makes Christmas so special, seeing their eyes light up at Santa, and the decorations, and all the excitement at this time of year.”

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258257 1-10-08.indd 1 “Thumbs up to taking good care

of our pets, especially in the cold weather. Make sure you bring them inside when the temperatures drop.”

“Thumbs up to snow! It’s beautiful,

it’s fun to play in, it’s fun to ski in, and the plow drivers get to make a bunch of extra money. Plus, maybe the kids will get a snow day. And maybe the parents too!!”

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who found my cat and brought her home. We were so worried and we are so happy to have her home safe again. God bless you and your wonderful family. We are so grateful to have you as our neighbors.”

“Thumbs up to my sister Janet and

all the help she gave us while I was sick this fall. We could not have survived without your babysitting, and cooking, and just watching out for our house. We

will step and put an end to this BS.”

“Thumbs up - All of

sudden safety issues at PHS are now a concern of Ms Mahoney. Last year we heard that all the safety issues have been resolved at PHS by Ms Mahoney and her followers. They stated there were no issues. Now all of a sudden because Mahoney’s pet project (parking lot) was not put on the ballot they are revisiting safety issues as a concern. What a tangled web they weave!!”

our neighbors. Let’s all show kindness this season and throughout the year.”

“Thumbs up to Santa Claus! He’ll be here

before we know it to bring toys for all the kids.” “Thumbs up to all great and dedicated

teachers in the Pelham schools!” “Thumbs up to the folks who deliver mail in

Pelham, especially during the holiday season. 603-890-3344 $5 OFF 419 South Broadway, Salem, NH “Thumbs up to the holiday spirit and loving

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are so blessed for our family.” “Thumbs up to pugs! They are the cutest dogs

ever, and so lovable and friendly and cuddly. Everybody should have a pug.”

“Thumbs up to the Pelham police for the great

work they do communicating to the community when there are break-ins or arrests. The email alerts are very helpful to know what is going on in town. Keep up the good work Pelham police!”

“Thumbs up to Steve Ferrante for spearheading 16 Route 111, Derry, NH 03038 • 603.890.1143

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our Stonehedge neighborhood petition against the proposed commercial construction on Roulston Road. I’m sure most people that would not be able to attend the town planning meeting would have done exactly nothing, Steve did just about everything and kept us all informed along the way. Thanks Steve!”

“Thumbs down to Pelham

School Board’s Mahoney and Dube. Needed repairs are so far gone now that the building is irreparable. NOW you want to support renovations and repairs? It’s too little, too late.

You missed the boat on maintenance projects with maintenance costs. It’s major renovation or build new now. To advise the taxpayers to put lipstick and nailpolish on the existing structure is a waste of their tax dollars and a strong reflection of your poor judgment.”

“Thumbs down. The state and NHDOT are

looking for a fair property value appraisal process for Pelham residents that will be affected by the 2 roundabouts scheduled to start soon. Isn’t it warming to see our town administration and Gados go on record not wanting to be bothered with a fair process and repeatedly pointing at eminent domain. If they get away with it once, watch out! Because you could be next!”

“Thumbs down. Get ready Pelham to have a

tuition agreement with Windham shoved down our throats. Do we really want to give Windham 6 million dollars each year and have no say in our kids education? They want our money to finish their school but is an end to Pelham high really what is best for our town?”

“Thumbs up to the Pelham fire department

and police department! I recently locked myself out of my house on a cold day and they actually brought the ambulance so I could warm up. Thank you and Merry Christmas.”

“Thumbs up to Abe and Mary Jane at hillside

country store. Merry Christmas.” “Thumbs down to the ‘thumbs’ staff who take

it upon themselves to change omit or replace my ‘thumbs’ comments. I never use profanity but I do speak the truth just as anyone and everyone who also calls in for this open public publication. I expect to read what I recite, so ‘MYOB’!”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Pelham~Windham News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Pelham~Windham News. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

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Accepting Registrations

Accepting Registrations






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