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The Flowering Lily - Immaculate Conception School Newsletter

TOMMY' THE SCARECROW by Class 6-1 "When Mr. Ballenas said we would be entering the NYC Central Park Scarecrow contest he asked that we think who our scarecrow would represent. I brought up the idea of doing a Japanese Samurai Warrior and when we typed the words "samurai" and "New York" we were surprised to hear about (Tateishe Onojiro) "Tommy the Samuria". We learned that 150 years ago the first delegation of Japanese Samurai came and visited America! We read things about young Tommy who was a "heart throb" who made women swoon and how a polka was written called "Tommy Polka" and Mr. Ballenas played it for us. We used plaster bandages to make the body of the scarecrow and my hands were used for To~y. Wet plaster strips covered my hands and when dried it was carefully removed. We searched the Internet and were very lucky to find an actual photo of Tommy and modeled the cloths after the photo. I bought a plastic sword that was placed in the Tommy's right hand. The reason I chose a samurai is because they are very cool and wear armor. I learned a lot about them because of this project and it was wonderful way to do it." - Kevin O'Neale "We worked on it for a number of weeks and Kimberly's mom sewed his clothes. We gave him a sword, lantern, and sandals." - Amanda Lallemand "I had the most fun making him come to "life" before our eyes. At Central Park I saw the other different scarecrows and I was proud that our scarecrow was historical and honored New York. history. There was a ton of people there that day. They were very attracted to our scarecrow and very interested in the information we pasted on the base about the samurai who came to New York 150 years ago." - Kimberly Ramcharitar The Scarecrow Contest was held at Central Park on October 29. It was a city wide competition and we won first place in our category. This was wonderful news! It so happens that Class 6-1 has won first place three years in a row. There first was the Mummy Scarecrow and last year the Henry Hudson/Half Moon Scarecrow. The fifth graders are already thinking of a theme for next year's contest.



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