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The intention of this Action Plan for Robeston Wathen is to describe proposals identified by local people for implementation over the next few years. The overall objective is to improve the quality of life in the community by enhancing the appearance of the area, by improving the economy, including tourism and agriculture, and strengthening and diversifying its attractions for all residents and visitors.

The various contributors to the Action Plan realise that progress can best be achieved through discussion and partnership as many of the proposals involve different land or property ownerships, separate interests and different sources of funding. Although some of the proposals are relatively small scale, they are likely to be of substantial benefit to significant groups within the resident population. In other instances the changes suggested are of a larger scale and may have major impact on a wider range of interests.

It is hoped that the projects described in this report will be achieved as quickly as practical with the various partners working in unison with local people to design, fund and implement them.


The Robeston Wathen Village Association was established in 1989 to try to improve the social, economic, cultural and environmental well­being of the community. In 1990 a Community Appraisal was carried out and the first community Action Plan was produced as a result of this.

A number of specific projects were identified and achievements have included: · Periodic speed enforcements · Lime Kiln Walk established · Church Yard Bench · New businesses established · Property upgrade / renovation · Renovation of the Old School Room.

In November 2004 community representatives discussed with PLANED (SPARC’s successor) proposals to prepare a new Community Action Plan. Community Workshops were held during November and December and the results of these Exercises have formed the basis for the first draft of the Action Plan.


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