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76mm/50mm Rainwater System 12

76mm Gutter & Fittings Gutter - 2m

Code RGM2 Fascia Bracket

Code RKM1

Union Bracket

Code RUM1

50mm Pipe & Fittings Pipe - 2m

Code RPM2

Pipe Clip

Code RCM1

Pipe Socket

Code RSM1

Stopend - Internal

Gutter & pipe code reference numbers refer to length of run : 3 or 4 metres. Important when ordering : - To indicate the product colour(s) required, the following code suffixes should be used: B-Black, G-Grey.

170mm Gutter & Fittings BS EN 1462:2004, BS EN 607:2004 Gutter - 4m

Code RGX4

Fascia Bracket 90° Angle

Code RAX1

Running Outlet Stopend - External

Code REX1

110mm Pipe & Fittings BS EN 1329:2000 Pipe - Plain Ended

Code SP1 SP2

Pipe - Single Socket

Code SP3 SP4

Shoe - 110mm Code SP161A Brackets Code Pipe Clip SP82

Additional pipe fittings are illustrated on page:18, Ring Seal Soil System.

921/2 ° Branch Soil Pipe Branch Code SP190 Spares/Ancillaries Code

400ml Silicone Lubricant Spray


Size 3m 4m

135° Bottom SP435

Access Pipe Socket/Spigot

Hopper - 110mm Outlet Code

RHX1 SP274

Leaf/Debris Interceptor Gully Code

D94 (Black)

Running Outlet - 65mm Square Code


Stopend Outlet - L/H 65mm Square Code


Stopend Outlet - R/H 65mm Square Code


Size 3m 4m

Code ROX1

Side Rafter Bracket

Code RR6

Union Bracket

Code RUS1

Offset Bends Code 135° Top SP440 921/2‚

Silicone Lubricant must be used for all installations. Access Fittings

Code ° Access Bend SP169 Union Bracket

Code RUN1

Fascia Bracket

Code RKN1

Code RKX1

Stopend - Internal

Code REX2

Top Rafter Bracket

Code RR5

Stopend Outlet - 65mm Square Code


Stopend - Internal R/H Code

REN4 Union Bracket

Code RUX1

Semi-Elliptical Rainwater System 170mm Gutter/110mm Downpipe Black Grey

Code RES2

Fascia Bracket

Code RKS1

Running Outlet - 65mm Square Code


Stopend - Internal L/H Code

REN3 Hopper

Code RHS1

Connects to 65mm Square & 68mm Round Downpipe. Please see page 9 for Square Line Spares and Ancillaries. 1121/2° Offset Bend

Code RBM2


Code RBM3

Stopend - External

Code RES1

90° Angle

Code RAS1

135° Angle

Code RAS2

90° Angle - Internal

Code RAN1

90° Angle - External

Code RAN2

135° Angle - Internal

Code RAN3

135° Angle - External Code


Stopend - External L/H Code


Stopend - External R/H Code

REN2 Pipe Socket

Code RSS1

Pipe Clip

Code RCS1

921/2° Offset Bend

Code RBS1

1121/2° Offset Bend

Code RBS2


Code RBS3

671/2° Branch 65mm

Code RYS1

Running Outlet Code ROM1 Price White Black Brown 90° Angle

Code RAM1

Stopend Outlet Code ROM2 Stopend - External

Code REM1

Mahogany (WM) Golden Oak (WG)

114mm Gutter & Fittings Gutter - 4m

Code RGS4

Mahogany (WM) Golden Oak (WG)

110mm Gutter & Fittings Gutter - 4m

Code RGN4

65mm Downpipe & Fittings Pipe - 65mm Square

Code RPS2.5

BS EN 607:2004, BS EN 12200-1:2000, BS EN 1462:2004

“Woodgrain” Style Rainwater System Square Line

When ordering please add foil reference to code required e.g. RAS1WM Ogee Woodgrain Rainwater Systems

come with a 10Year Performance and Colour Guarantee.

BS EN 607:2004, BS EN 12200-1:2000, BS EN 1462:2004 13

Rainwater Systems

Rainwater Systems

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