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Gartner Business

Intelligence Summit – linking the theory and practice of Business Intelligence and Performance Management


ew business opportunities are born as markets emerge from economic downturn. The Gartner Business Intelligence Summit, to be held from 31 January to 1

February 2011 at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, is geared to providing companies with the right knowledge to ensure that Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management (PM) meet a companies’ new requirements following the economic shift. It will also show how organisations can leverage BI and PM to enable business users to capitalise on 'reborn' BI to get broader adoption, enable them to achieve more ROI from BI tools, and make better decisions.

Gartner reports that making optimal decisions based on shared and accurate facts, not unproven assumptions, is key to gaining competitive advantage in this nascent market reality. Business strategies, organisational structures and BI and PM architectures are being 'reborn' to reflect changed priorities – helping organisations to maximise the potential of these new opportunities by providing the insight that business leaders need.

This renaissance is evident in how organisa - tions are looking for nimbleness and agility, rather than ‘big bang’ BI projects; how they are utilising mobile devices and self-service BI functionality, post desktops with complex clients; how they are adopting in-memory and Cloud approaches, alongside disk-based data warehouses; how they are building approaches that are more outward looking, considering the impact of external communities and information, not just focusing on internal data; and how they are getting past stopped and stalled projects, and are again looking to invest (according to Gartner, nearly half of organisations anticipate that spending on BI will increase in 2011). Gartner believes it is time to Re-Adjust, Re-Evaluate and Re-Organise to link the theory and practice of BI and PM within organisations. It maintains



IT December 2010

that now is the time to adopt a balanced approach to prioritise business needs with BI and PM strategy, and the required technology, processes, and skills.

Key topics

Some of the key Gartner Business Intelligence Summit topics will include:

• Business Intelligence. • Performance Management. • Advanced Analytics. • Cost Optimisation. • Data Quality and Integration. • Frameworks and Metrics.

Presented by both Gartner analysts and invited guest speakers, these presentations offer the very latest topical updates and actionable insights on the subjects most critical to organisational development and innovation. Case Study sessions will highlight leading organisations' valuable experiences, including the technologies and solutions adopted in their own environments. Organisations under the microscope will be Komercni Banka, Sony Computer Entertainment and Telefonica O2 UK.

Guest keynote speakers will be Brian Franz, global CIO and business process director at Diageo plc, and Colin Turner, author of Entrepreneur, Business Mentor. Guest speakers will be Rob Geraghty, founder of The Wow Factor, and Nisha Pillai, presenter of BBC World News. The Summit chair will be Gartner research director, Neil Chandler.

Access to top analysts

At the Gartner Business Intelligence Summit, organisations will have access to the thought leadership of Gartner's global research organisation.

Gartner analyst sessions These sessions are a chance to hear insight and actionable advice direct from the experts onsite with Q&A. Participants will also have online access to all the presentations they miss at the event.

Gartner analyst one-on-one meetings These sought-after private meetings allow company representatives to sit down with a Gartner analyst in a private consultation to explore business solutions and/or IT issues and challenges. All registered attendees have the exclusive opportunity to speak directly with one Gartner analyst in private for 30 minutes (If you are already registered for this conference pre-book your One-on-One meeting via the Agenda Builder tool on the website; otherwise, register for this event first and then pre-book your One-on-One meeting).

Workshops Workshops offer a unique opportunity to work through specific challenges in an interactive group setting presented by Gartner and guest experts. Please note that workshops are available exclusively to paid, registered conference attendees and are not available to exhibitors or exhibitor conference session pass holders. Due to the high demand and limited availability, Gartner recommends interested parties register in advance for these sessions via the Agenda Builder tool on the website.

Analyst-user roundtables Participants can get involved in a lively ex - change of information and ideas with peers at Gartner’s popular informal analyst-user round - table sessions moderated by Gartner analysts. These sessions provide the opportunity for company representatives to expand their perspective, learn from others’ experiences and make valuable connections across industries.

For more information, visit: s/emea/business-intelligence/index.jsp 

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