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Hudson - Litchfield News 12 - December 10, 2010

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs up, WAY up to Harrison! We’re all so proud and happy at what an exciting year this has turned out to be for you. Your outstanding report card, recent nomination to attend the conference in D.C., winning the soccer championship...we are BEAMING with pride and we LOVE you with all our heart! (Being your Mom has brought me nothing but joy!) Love-Mom, Dad and Hunter”

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? “We want to be your Mechanic”

“Thumbs down to the person who walks their dog on other people’s lawns on Applewood Road and doesn’t clean up after it. Two days in a row now, I have had to clean up your dog’s ‘nasty pile of stuff’ off my lawn so that I don’t step in it while walking my own dog on my own property. (By the way, I do clean up after my dog on my own lawn.) Walk your dog on your lawn and don’t bother to clean up if you don’t care. Be considerate of others.”

“Thumbs down to the selected few staff members

of Alvirne High School who claim to be responsible and respectful to fellow students. If you were so responsible, you would know that the students have responsibilities of their own and need their cell phones to do what they need to get done after school, especially for those of us who have no landlines. If you were so great and respectful, you wouldn’t ‘cop an attitude’ with a student without even getting to know the situation. It is because of those types of so-called ‘adults’ that make high school students not want to further their education. THUMBS WAY DOWN!’

“Thumbs down to Mr. Lane. Trying to convince the students that the school rules apply the second you walk out of your house to go to school. You’re just trying to catch the ‘smokers’ at the end of Alvirne Drive by the fields. Alvirne Drive isn’t Alvirne High School property. Even though it’s next to the property, you can’t do anything.”

“Thumbs up, way up to Ms. Martin the best new addition to the LMS staff. You are one of my favorite teachers.”

“Thumbs up to not raking up God’s leaves! Leaves are part of the natural eutrophication process. Fallen leaves help stimulate plant growth. Leaves decomposing during the winter will keep your lawn healthy. If you don’t like leaves blowing in your yard, move to the desert or build a 12-foot fence around your house.”

“Thumbs up to Mrs. Martin for being the most insanely amazing teacher ever. All of L.M.S loves you and we’re all going to miss you once eighth grade is over! -Katelyn R.”

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“Thumbs down to CHS! Shame on you for

allowing a known drug user to stay on the team and represent CHS just because it didn’t take place on school grounds. As a parent, had it been my son, I would’ve taken him off the team myself. Sounds like a spoiled kid who CHS needs because he’s a ‘starter.’ You should change your ‘Drug Free Zone’ to read ‘Just Don’t Let Us See You!’ This kid is why CHS has a bad reputation.”

“Thumbs up to the people that have Christmas lights, great spirit guys:)”

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“Thumbs up to the writer who suggested not everyone from Massachusetts is a liberal and that a bad idea is a bad idea regardless of where you’re from. But thumbs way down to the former Blue- Stater who defended the liberal agenda. Turn off MSNBC, Keith Olbermann and Bill Maher. You’re all about big government and redistribution of wealth, which is exactly why the latest election results spoke volumes. That’s right, don’t go after terrorists but visit Iran and suck up to Ahmadinejad. That you’re formerly from a state that’s proud to elect the likes of a Barney Frank says it all.”

“Thumbs up to HLN for always putting the good news on the front page. Other newspapers make it hard to find. Why is that?”

“Thumbs down to telling us

what the liberal agenda is. Why should you need an agenda, unless you are trying to change something? We like NH the way it was before you applied your ‘hope and change’ to it. If Chicago needs fixing, go fix Chicago. Don’t try to fix New Hampshire since it wasn’t broke in the first place (no pun intended).”

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selectmen who think the voters are not important and continue grandstanding their egos.”

“Thumbs down to the town

clerks office for your rude and disrespectful phone call. May karma come around once for each time you treat someone poorly.”

“Thumbs up to my buddy who

got the 3-legged deer.” “Thumbs up to my son Brandon

M. for winning in the competition at Alvire for ROTC, your family is very proud of you!”

“Thumbs up to the members of

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“Thumbs down to the CHS Athletic Director on your hypocritical response for allowing a convicted drug offender to play and represent CHS on the basketball court, what about all that crap you spewed at all those sports meetings about how these athletes have a code of conduct that they have to follow, both on or off the court or field at ALL TIMES, you came across as such a hard liner, a 0 tolerance Athletic Director on drugs and alcohol use within the school and OUTSIDE the school. It’s time to retire and get an athletic director with some backbone, shame on you CHS and the school board for letting this player on the court when so many other students have paid the price with much harsher penalties for lesser offenses. Those sports meeting can now be cut back about an hour and a half now that we can skip over the code of conduct segment.”

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we are for what you did to help a stranger in need. I was so thankful for him being ok that my only regret is that I didn’t get your name to give you a proper thank you. May peace and good health be with you and your family. THANK YOU!”

“Thumbs up to the Hudson Town Clerk’s office for helping my mother obtain an absentee ballot during her recent hospitalization. She was so happy she was able to vote. Thank you!”

“Thumbs down to the money- hungry backyard breeder in Litchfield, trying to sell unacceptably marked Great Dane puppies for $950! Anyone like this should have to spend at least 1 day in a high-kill shelter watching all the innocent animals being needlessly euthanized. DISGUSTING!”

“Thumbs down to letting drug dealers play on our basketball team.”

“Thumbs down to the Litchfield school board for allowing a

student that was arrested for drug possession to still play. Is it because he’s one of our superstars? If it were an average basketball player I’m sure it would be a different story. This is an embarrassment to our community. Only one parent expressed their concern because others did not know. What are you telling the rest of the students? That it’s acceptable? I’m ashamed to say I live in Litchfield. Why do the kids sign a code of conduct? No respect for your decision and no respect for our coaching staff.”

“Thumbs up to the man who helped save my

son’s life at Valentino’s on Nov 30. My son was choking on a cherry tomato that had lodged into his throat and he jumped up to help give him the Heimlich maneuver. You jumped in without hesitation and was able to break it free just enough so he could get some air until he was able to break it free himself. You and the young man you were with who called 911 so quickly are heroes to our family. Words cannot express how truly grateful

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“Thumbs up Neighbor. A special thank you for

a wonderful dinner and night of conversation. Your calves may be small but your heart is larger than life. Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder.”

“Thumbs down to the Litchfield mother who complained to the school about its policies. When you have a child that goes to Campbell then you have every right to complain, until then you need to stop thinking you’re in the Campbell community.”

“Thumbs up to the Litchfield and

St. Francis Recreational Basketball Coaches, you gentlemen truly understand the value of sports and the meaning of the word ‘recreation.’ It is so refreshing in today’s world where many men become coaches to attempt to regain their lost or non-existent glory years. These men often force children into long daily practices or games even on holidays to assuage their male insecurities while causing both physical and psychological injury to the children. Our town is truly fortunate to have enlightened coaches who care for each child as if their own.”

“Thumbs down to LRBL for allowing boys who

start for the LMS basketball team to play on the second string of a REC basketball team. The LMS players have far more practices and game experience than the other boys. They are the top players in town. This should not be allowed!

enough to make the school team, he has no business playing on the second string of a recreation team!”

“Thumbs up to the selectmen who believe voters

are important and is working to keep our town affordable.”

the selectmen’s committee except for Mr. Nadeau. The only thing that [Mr. Nadeau] has to offer the board is when it is in a different location that usually involves food. He does not contribute as the other members do. I guess when I’m voting I will be voting for somebody other than Mr. Nadeau.”

“Thumbs up to the woman or

person that put in the newspaper last week about Hudson being a crook on our taxes, you can do something about it, you can file with the town for an abasement but do yourself a favor and hire a professional real estate appraiser. Hopefully more residents in the town will file for an abatement, get a professional, if you do it yourself they are more likely to say no.”

“Thumbs up to Chef Tim,

Shirley and the culinary program for the great turkey dinner we were all given at the adult daycare program, we all left stuffed as usual.”

“Thumbs down to American

flags being made in China, there is something wrong with that picture.”

“Thumbs down for any American who voted

for President Obama! High taxes, higher unemployment, bail-outs, what do you think of that now???”

“Thumbs up to Mr. William Oleksak, Zoning

Administrator, for being courteous and patient having to listen to a hearted and salty conversation over a registered letter containing legal actions if not present in 10 days.”

“Thumbs down to Mark Pearson for joining the

conversation saying, ‘it is a standard letter. One- thousand had been sent.’ Quote: ‘What are you all worked up about? Don’t worry about it’, in a domineering stance. Quote: ‘I’m putting you on notice with your language.’ Goliath you may be, but there are a lot of ‘Davids’ in town. Talking down to citizens is not the norm. We pay your

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salary. ‘Davids,’ call your selectmen and ask for his resignation or a public apology.”

“Thumbs up to the HLN for helping this little humble home-owner to show the citizens of Hudson the facts!”

If a player is good “Thumbs down in advance to those who plow

snow and ice into handicapped parking spaces and leave it there! You have to keep those spaces clear, just like the other parking spaces.”

“Thumbs up to the Christmas decorations on the

town green. Thanks to the workers who put in so much effort to get them in place every year.”

“Thumbs down to ‘married’ .

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gays in town. Enjoy it while you have it. This time next year, no marriage, no adoptions, no rights. It’s back to the closet for you.”

“Thumbs up to the McQuesten Farm for the nice fall decorations at town hall and on the Route 3A – Hillcrest intersection. Thanks!”

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