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5. The Way Forward

The information in this document will help the area to identify proposals for action, the linkages between communities and the support required to take the next steps.

Proposals contained within this plan will be discussed in the first instance at the meeting on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010, at Narberth School, Jesse Road. These will be further developed with local councils, forums and local organizations contributing their skills, knowledge and information. Project working groups will be one way to take forward proposals with help from a range of partners.

6. A Snapshot of Each Community...

Narberth The proximity of Narberth to so many large settlements suggests a cluster relationship, with each town / centre fulfilling a different but complementary role. Narberth, with such a large population of 2155 (2001 Census) contains a number of important facilities which serve its wider hinterland including the primary school which currently has approximately 350 pupils and teaches in both Welsh and English. In terms of secondary education, Narberth is the feeder school for Whitland, Preseli (Crymych), Tenby and Haverfordwest.

A reflection of the town’s role as a service centre is the doctor’s surgery within Narberth. This surgery has a very wide catchment which includes Templeton in the south, Rosebush in the north, Tavernspite in the east and Clarbeston Road in the west.

The crematorium is also important to the town with a regional catchment. It is felt that many of those attending the crematorium also visit the town centre while in the area and use many of the local facilities.

Landshipping Landshipping is a small hamlet, with only a population of 35 (2001 Census), on the banks of the eastern Cleddau. Its abandoned quay is a mile to the south where the Daugleddau diverge was once a busy ferry terminal and coal port. The Garden Pit was the site of a terrible mining disaster in 1844 when the sea broke into the mine workings. The area is peppered with mine workings and flooded lagoons.

Lampeter Velfrey Lampeter Velfrey village, with a population of 130 (2001 Census), is three miles east of Narberth and about four miles west of Whitland. It lies south of the River Marlais, in the scenic Vale of Lampeter. The village runs west from Brynsion Chapel with its small vestry building, along a single street of houses, past the church and school room, the war memorial and a children’s playground. Facilities include a post box, notice board and public telephone. The former village school is situated to the south of Brynsion Chapel and is now a residence. There is a good network of public paths and the Landsker Borderlands trail passes through the community. The village hall has been renovated recently.


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