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Dallas, Texas, continued

After the mares we inspected, their dressage trainer Liz Payne not only presented both Savannah and Olivia under saddle for us, then she then proceeded to serve us a fabulous meal!! We were certainly bowled over by everyone's "Texas hospitality', and we went back to our Dallas airport-based motel feeling tired, but well fed and cared for!

......Participants comment........Monique Vincent.........

The 2009 NASS ISG breeding inspection came to Dallas, TX at a very busy time. I was traveling for my job and landed at Dallas Love field at 2 pm on 17 September 2009. Adele Furby and Ahmed al Samarraie, the two ISG judges then flew in at about 4:30 pm. We were just in time for rush hour traffic to get from the north side of downtown Dallas to Sugar Grove Farm in Italy, TX, one of the southernmost suburbs of the metroplex.

I was very excited as I was presenting my three mares. The first was HF Savanna, a 12 year old Arab mare. Savanna was the first horse that I ever bought and she has been with me through a lot. The second horse that I would present was MJL Olivia my Part-Shagya- Arabian cross by Oman and out of MJLStanz Abi. By this point most NASS members know Olivia. She has been carrying the weight of my endurance program for the last few years. And, finally the newest addition to my program was going to make her first public appearance. Everlasting Star AF (“Evie”) is my first pure bred Shagya. She had arrived about 10 days earlier after a long journey from Montana.

While I was traveling for work and meeting Adele and Mr. Al Samarraie at the airport my friends at Sugar Grove Farm were busy cleaning up my three mares. Savanna and Olivia are used to this but Evie thought that a bath was just too much. She gave Ry Moser, the junior trainer, a real challenge but in the end the three girls were all clean and primped just in time for the inspection.Once I got Adele and Mr. Al Samarraie to the farm, Adele started measuring cannon, girths and heights. We took pictures. Then we moved to the arena where each mare was shown individually.

Sugar Grove Farm is usually a very quiet place but on this day not only were they hosting the Shagya inspections but also they were holding a centered riding clinic hosted by Liz Payne my riding instructor, trainer and coach. The senior level instructor for the clinic was Sue Leffler from Ontario, Canada. She was assisted my Mimi Pantelidos from Franklin, TN. There were riders from Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. So the inspection became a spectators’ event.

Each mare was presented in hand. Then the evaluation was discussed by the group. Questions and comments were very thoroughly addressed by the judges. Overall the group reflected that the evaluations were fair and objective.

Monique and MJL Olivia completed 920 AERC miles in 2009!

After the inspection, Liz Payne rode Savanna and Olivia for the judges. She put both mares through their paces and let the judge see their level of training. Evie was not yet under saddle so she watched from the side lines. Before taking Adele and Mr. Al Samarraie to their hotel everyone who participated in and watched the inspection joined Liz and her family for a meal. I do think that Mr. Al Samarraie got his fill of Texas beer and blue berry cobbler, as he slept most of the way to the hotel.

It was a pleasure having the ISG judges come to Sugar Grove Farm to inspect the girls. Thank you to my friends at Sugar Grove Farm for hosting the event. Without them the event would not have been possible. And a special thanks to Adele and Mr. Al Samarraie for making a stop in the lone star state....Monique...

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