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Danby, Vermont, continued...

We also had a stallion to inspect, and for this we went to a nearby indoor arena, where we met the 23 year old white Part- Shagya-Arabian stallion *Gazin (Mondard ox x Gharifa by Ghalion ox) #P-ShA-86-227, and his owners, Michaela and Mark De Cesare. *Gazin impressed us as truly the handsome and elegant older guy, with an especially enjoyable jumping style--scopey, clever, and with good bascule. The walk and canter were also exceptionally good. *Gazin received the required average of "8" to be approved into the Appendix to Stallion Book I.

*Gazin brings some especially interesting bloodlines into the NASS Shagya bloodline. His sire Monrad ox was born in 1974 and is the product of mostly Egyptian-influenced German purebred Arabian breeding, plus he has some Polish and some Crabbet blood as well. Monrad's sire Hadban Enzahi was a famous Nazeer son brought to the Marbach Stud in Germany in 1955. He proved to be a very successful and influential stallion there.

*Gazin's dam Gharifa is a product of the Babolna, Hungary, State Stud breeding program during the early 1970's. Her sire Ghalion, like Hadban Enzahi, was purchased from the Egyptian Agricultural Organization (EAO), and Ghalion is a grandson of Nazeer. His pedigree contains many of the famous names of the best horses from that period, including Sid Abouham, Moniet El Nefous, and Mabrouka. Gharifa's dam, 88 Koheilan XI, has a classic "old style" Babolna Shagya pedigree featuring Koheilan X, Kulaylan Zaid d.b., Kemir, Jussuf, and Siglavy Bagdady V, but without the usually more prevalent lines of Gazal and Shagya. Thus, *Gazin can be seen as a good outcross stallion, especially for heavily Gazal-bred and Shagya-bred mares, and, with his refinement combined with athletic ability, he also could be a good "refining" stallion for Shagya mares whose breeders are looking for more refinement.

Ahmed and I were impressed with *Ghazin's jumping ability; we asked owner/rider Michaela if she had done much jumping with him. She replied that when he and she were both considerably younger, she had ridden him on the hunt field in Germany and he safely carried her everywhere.

. Although we would have enjoyed staying longer, by early afternoon it was time to head back to the Albany airport, and, just barely catching our flight with seconds to spare, we headed onward through Dulles airport to Orlando, Florida.

.........Participants comment: Hallie Goetz, Northeast Shagyas...... I hosted the second leg of the 2009 NASS Inspection Tour at my farm in Danby,VT. NASS Registrar Carol D.Neubaurer and the ISG Judges/NASS Inspection Committee members, Adele Furby and Ahmed Al inspection. After a light dinner, were all quite happy to head off morning as the sun rose and I of coffee on what promised to and neighbors appeared to me pull of the event. What a their help with everything herd, to setting up the

indoor arena for the stallion pulled off the event without Lindsay Robbins, VMD,

LCR Cameo, Michaela DeCesare noble stallion *Ghazin, and I

. All three passed inspection! I was

Sammarie all arrived the evening before the some good wine and conversation, we for a good night’s sleep. The next stumbled around making a pot be a hectic day.Many friends pop out of the woodwork to help great feeling it was to have from grooming my muddy jumping chute at a neighbor’s jumping test. I could not have their help. Thanks!

presented her beautiful mare proudly presented her imported presented my young fillyNeddora. really impressed with attendee's keen

interest and avid discussion of the inspection process, the history of the breed, individual horses and the Judge's opinions. Although only three horses participated, it was great that so many people attended and wanted to learn more about the breed.

Hope to see more of you and your horses at the next inspection!........Hallie

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