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2009 NASS Inspection Tour Evaluations: Numbers are for: Type, Head, Neck, Body, Legs, Walk, Trot, Canter Eureka, California continued: Judges: Ahmed Al Samarraie & Adele Furby

Follow Hope #P-Sh-02-174 (*Oman x Faith's Fantasia, Trakehner by Pregelstrand)

Seven year old bay Part-Shagya-Trakehner mare Breeder: Lynda Varada, Owner: Linda Klee

Height: 15.3 1/4 hh, 161 cm., Girth: 72 1/2 in., 184 cm., Cannon: 19.5 cm. Scores: 8,7,7,7,7,7,7,8 Average 7.25 Evaluation only Elegant medium-sized Part-Shagya mare showing Arabian influence. A somewhat long head with straight profile and small high-set eyes. A medium length neck, rather thin and straight. Prominent long withers, deep enough body, and upright shoulder. The topline is a bit rough. Good sloping hindquarter. Dry legs with adequate joints, good pasterns and feet. Medium-sized walk with good rhythm. Forward, somewhat flat trot in good rhythm. Energetic, balanced, big canter using all four legs independently.

© Frankie Frazzini

Above, Kathy and Ahmed, hard at work, on Saturday. Ahmed al Samarraie

And,left, Ahmed grabbed this photo of Shagya Raja AF who got a chance to strut his stuff on Sunday in Moiese.

....Participants comment....Joan Clark

It was such a pleasure to meet Mr. Al Samarraie, and again, Adele Furby, as this was the second inspection I had the privilege to be involved in. Further, it was a great time having them as guests in our home. They are both very personable individuals. Mr.Al Samarraie and Ms. Furby provided knowledgeable information at the inspection and the inspection was very educational and informative as to equine conformation and the standards for which NASS xand ISG look. Breed standards are the essence of a registry. We look forward to meeting more of the ISG and NASS members at future inspections. Our

regards to both Mr. Al Samarraie and Ms. Furby who are always welcome at our home. Sincerely, Ron and Joan Clark-Flenner

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