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2009 NASS Inspection Tour Evaluations: Numbers are for: Type, Head, Neck, Body, Legs, Walk, Trot, Canter Eureka, California continued: Judges: Ahmed Al Samarraie & Adele Furby

Ahmed Al Samarraie

*Thassia #ShA-03-261 (Bahadur x Thirza by Sulayman Six year old black Purebred Shagya-Arabian mare. Breeder: Carin Weiss, Owner: Elaine Kerrigan

KB Shakami Fahim #ShA-050236 (KB Omega Fahim +++// ox x Shagya’s

Height: 15.2 hh, 157 cm., Girth: 76 1/2 in., 194 cm., Cannon: 19.5 cm. Scores: 8,8,8,7,7,8,7,7 Average 7.5 Approved for Mare Book I A medium-sized mare with good Shagya type and a calm demeanor. Expressive head with a straight profile set onto a rather long neck with a curved topline and a somewhat straight underline and a well-formed throatlatch. Long, somewhat upright shoulder and withers of good length but not well-defined. Upward-sloping loin a little bit soft and long. Round, well-muscled sloping hindquarters with a low set tail. Good legs with well-defined joints and substantial bone. Stifle angles a little open, pasterns a little steep. Well-formed round hoofs. Long walk with good overstride. Rhythmic trot of medium length, not always elevated. Balanced canter with good rhythm but somewhat flat jump, not always well-supported from behind.

SzaSza AF by *Shandor) Four year old grey Purebred Shagya-Arabian mare Breeder: Elaine Kerrigan, Lessee, Owner: Joan Clark Height: 16hh 1/2 inch, 164 cm., Girth: 72.5 in., 184 cm., Cannon: 19.5 cm. Scores: 8,7,8,7,7,7,7,8 Average 7.375 Approved for Mare Book I An immature, tall mare still a little indefinite in type. A well-proportioned head with a good jowl and long mouth, eyes a little bit fleshy on the top. A long undeveloped light neck set on a mid-sized shoulder with a rather short humerus. Well-defined withers and good saddle area. Harmonious smooth curved topline with long hip and excellent croup. Lacking a little depth in girth area. Long legs with adequate bone.Good well-defined joints.Somewhat steep pasterns, a bit tied in below front knees. Rather long walk with good rhythm but not flowing. Elevated energetic rather elastic trot but not reaching smoothly forward with front legs. Well-balanced energetic ground-covering jumping canter. Her movement appears to be affected by her immaturity.

KB Sawda #P-Sh-A-05-203 (Janos x KB Salim Fahim ox by Amir Fahim+) Four year old black Part-Shagya-Arabian mare Breeder: Elaine Kerrigan, Owner: Sandra Spaulding Height: 15.1 hh, 155 cm., Girth: 63.5 in., 161 cm., Cannon: 19 cm. Scores: 7,6,6,7,5,7,6,7 Average 6.375 Approved for Appendix to Mare Book I A rather small Shagya mare with a square frame, a quiet, pleasant demeanor and a feminine overall impression. A youthful head with a rather small eye and a good long riding-horse mouth. A neck of adequate length with an undeveloped topline and set on low. Medium-sized somewhat steep shoulder. Good deep body, well-defined medium-sized wither. Strong smooth loin and croup, with a long hip. Legs with adequate bone and rather fine joints, tied in under knees and hocks. Toeing in more on right front and toeing out behind, especially on the left hind. Medium walk, winging in with right front and left hind, not always in correct rhythm. Trotting somewhat forward but not upward, with incorrect flight of feet.Rather flat canter with adequate rhythm.

KB Sequoia Fahim #ShA-08-228 (Shagya Royal AF x KB Salim

Fahim ox by Amir Fahim+) Yearling black Part-Shagya-Arabian filly

Breeder: Elaine Kerrigan, Owner: Elaine Kerrigan Measurements not taken on yearlings Scores: 9,9,9,8,7,7,9,8 Average 8.25 Evaluation only A tall, typey Shagya filly with a feminine and elegant expression and long lines. A beautiful dry head with a fine muzzle. A long, well- shaped neck. Good shoulder and withers for her age. A well-curved, and proportioned topline. Smooth sloping croup and strong hindquarters. Long legs with adequate joints and bone. Energetic forward walk, the rhythm still unclear. Impressive elevated long elastic, cadenced trot. Balanced springing canter with good rhythm,

sometimes too quick.

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