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2009 NASS Inspection Tour Evaluations: Numbers are for: Type, Head, Neck, Body, Legs, Walk, Trot, Canter Moiese, Montana continued: Judges: Ahmed Al Samarraie & Dr. Kathy Richkind

Ahmed Al Samarraie Sisu’s Starlet AF #ShA-07-251 (Starwalker x Shagya’s Sisu by

*Shandor) Two year old grey Purebred Shagya-Arabian mare Breeder: Adele Furby, Owner: Stephany Seay

Height: 15.3 hh, 160 cm., Girth: 76.5 in, 194 cm., Cannon: 20 cm. Scores: 8,8,7,7,8,7,7,8 Average 7.5 Approved for Mare Book I Large young mare, still maturing. Long head with feminine expression. Neck of adequate length, undeveloped and straight at the moment. Withers not well defined yet, and a bit short. Long shoulder with enough slope. Curved topline with higher croup and rounded hindquarters. Long dry legs with medium joints and strong cannons. Elastic walk with medium energy and good rhythm. Forward developed elastic trot with good rhythm. Balanced ground- covering canter.

Rexanne Star AF #ShA-07 252 (Starwalker x Shagya Regine AF by

*Shandor) Two year old bay Purebred Shagya-Arabian mare Breeder: Adele Furby, lessee, Owner: Adele Furby Height: 15.3 1/2hh, 161 cm.,Girth: 75.5 inches,192 cm, Cannon: 19.5 cm. Scores: 7,7,7,7,8,-,8,6 Average 7.143 Approved for Mare Book I Large not yet mature Shagya mare currently lacking harmony. Head a bit plain and eye could be larger. Undeveloped neck with good length. Medium-sized shoulder. Prominent long withers, long hip. Medium croup, round hindquarters. Strong legs with good joints and short cannons. Walk could not be judged due to shoulder injury. Strong, elastic trot with active hindquarter and good suspension. Undeveloped canter lacks rhythm and has short jump.

Eureka, California: Judges: Ahmed AlSamarraie, Adele Furby

Shagya Skamp AF #ShA-05-232 (Janos x Samantha by *Amurath

Samurai) Four year old bay Purebred Shagya-Arabian gelding Breeder: Adele Furby, Owner: Adele Furby

Height: 15 hh, 153 cm., Girth: 71 1/2 in., 182 cm, Cannon: 19.5 cm. Scores: 8,8,8,8,8,8,7,7 Average 7.75 Evaluation only Small gelding with good masculine expression. Fine head with big eye and nice small ears. Well-shaped neck of good length. Medium sized sloping shoulder. Long withers extending well into back. Forehand well-muscled with tight elbow. Curved topline, short, well-shaped croup. Good angulation of hindquarters. Dry adequate legs. Relaxed walk with good energy. Elastic ground-covering trot with quick rhythm and free forehand. Canter with quick rhythm and short jump.

KB Salim Fahim ox AHRA #454888 (Amir Fahim+ x Amyrah Adhemah by

*Adhem) Nineteen year old black Purebred Arabian mare Breeder: Elaine Kerrigan, Owner: Elaine Kerrigan Height: 15.2 hh, 157 cm., Girth: 78 in., 198 cm., Cannon: 20 cm. Scores: 9,8,8,8,7,8,8,8 Average 8.0 Approved for Appendix to Mare Book II A compact, aged Purebred Arabian mare with good substance and in good condition for her age. A feminine, well-shaped head with a broad forehead. A long, straight, well-connected neck on a very good shoulder. Long humerus with good angle. Long, prominent, somewhat steep withers, and a very good back with well-muscled hindquarters. Good legs, hocks overangulated. Long walk with good overstride, use of back, and rhythm. Cadenced, elastic trot with excellent carriage. Flowing uphill canter with elasticity, relaxation and good rhythm.

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