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2009 NASS Inspection Tour Evaluations: Numbers are for: Type, Head, Neck, Body, Legs, Walk, Trot, Canter Danby, Vermont continued:

Orlando, Florida: Judges: Ahmed Al Samarraie & Adele Furby

Ahmed Al Samarraie Neddora SHG #ShA-07-254(Neddor x *Lutka by Lutka by Lumbush)

Two year old grey Purebred Shagya-Arabian mare Breeder: Hallie Goetz, Owner: Hallie Goetz

Height: 15 hh, 152 cm., Girth: 71 in., 180 cm., Cannon: 17.5 cm. Scores: 7,7,7,8,6,6,7,7 Average 6.875 Approved for Mare Book I A promising immature mare showing good breeding progress. A tapered head with a straight profile which could be more dry. A middle-sized shoulder with adequate slope. A well-proportioned body with good withers and saddle area and a smooth topline. Good sloping pelvis. The neck has good length but is still a bit straight with good connection to the head. The legs are a bit fine and tied in at knees and hocks. The fetlocks are not well-defined and the pasterns are a little too sloping. The walk is a bit short and the rhythm a bit unclear and uneven Smooth, well-balanced ground-covering trot and canter, both in good rhythm.

Arinya Morning Star #P-Sh-04-192 (Starwalker x RA Desert Storm ox

by Hayel Orion) Five year old grey Part-Shagya-Arabian mare Breeder: Kathleen Warren, Owner: Kathleen Warren Height: 15.1 1/2hh, 156 cm., Girth: 72 in., 183 cm., Cannon: 18 cm. Scores: 8,9,8,7,7,7,7,8 Average 7.6 Approved for Appendix to Mare Book I Harmonious, typey mare with elegance and a dry texture. Feminine dry head, well set on a well-proportioned neck with a dry throat latch and a good connection to the head. Good deep body with a long, somewhat steep shoulder. Long wither and strong hindquarters with a sloping croup. Fine, dry-textured legs with medium-sized joints. A long ground-covering walk with good use of the back, the rhythm is a little unclear. Energetic, rhythmic, elevated trot. At walk and trot she moves base narrow. Graceful, well-balanced, cadenced canter with good impulsion.

Dallas, Texas: Judges: Ahmed Al Samarraie & Adele Furby

Ahmed Al Samarraie

Hayel Orion) Two year old bay Part-Shagya-Arabian mare Breeder: Kathleen Warren, Owner: Kathleen Warren Height 14.3 hh, 150 cm., Girth 66.5 in, 196 cm., Cannon:18 cm. Scores: 8,9,7,8,6,7,9,8 Average 7.75 Approved for Appendix to Mare Book I Fine young immature but very promising mare. Typey head with prominent eyes and forehead. Undeveloped neck with good length and with good connections to both her head and her shoulders. Good shoulder and especially good withers extending well into the back. Good hindquarters with sloping croup. Fine, dry-textured legs. The front knees could be bigger and the right front knee appears a bit back at the knee at the moment. The hocks could be broader. Long walk with good but inconsistent rhythm. Impressive uphill trot with impulsion, elevation, good suspension and articulation of the joints. Well-balanced, good sized, and forward canter.

Elerinna Starlight #P-Sh-07-192 (Starwalker x RA Desert Storm ox by

Ahmed Al Samarraie Savannah ox AHA #0545969 (Volcano de Darrere ox x Stokrotka ox by

Bandos Twelve year old bay Purebred Arabian mare Breeder: Henry Flammer, Owner: Monique Vincent Height: 15 hh, 152 cm, Girth: 72.5 in, 184 cm, Cannon:19.5 cm. 8,8,7,7,8,7,6,6, Average 7.125 Approved for Appendix to Mare Book II A handsome long-framed mare showing good Arabian type and good substance. A beautiful head with prominent eyes and a shapely profile, set on a good neck with a well-defined, dry, clean throatlatch. The neck is set a bit low and with a dip in front of the withers, but has good length. A long, well-defined shoulder with a well-muscled forearm. Curved topline with round, well-muscled hindquarter. The connection between the hindquarter and the back is a bit dipped. Strong, correct legs with good bone and joints. Medium-length walk, correct and in good rhythm, but could be more forward The trot is often too short and quick. The canter lacks adequate impulsion from the hindquarters.

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