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2009 NASS Inspection Tour Evaluations: Numbers are for: Type, Head, Neck, Body, Legs, Walk, Trot, Canter Clinton, Indiana: Judges: Ahmed Al Samarraie & Adele Furby (exception: Hera AF judged by Ahmed Al Samarraie only)

Ahmed Al Samarraie Chloe #ShA-05-234(Janos x Crystal by Baron AF)

Four year old bay Purebred Shagya-Arabian mare Breeder: Gwyn Davis, Owner: Gwyn Davis

Height: 15.1 hh, 155 cm., Girth 80 in., 203 cm., Cannon: 20 cm. Scores: 7,8,7,7,7,7,8,6 Average 7.125 Approved for Mare Book I A medium-sized, typey Shagya mare with a rounded form and a feminine expression. Pretty head with a kind eye. Well-formed neck of medium length. The shoulder is long but a bit steep. Meaty withers extending well into the back. Curved topline, strong loins, and a well-muscled hindquarter. The croup is a bit short. Strong legs with good bone and joints, short cannons. Toes out a bit in front, hocks a bit close and toeing out behind. Medium-length walk with correct rhythm. Expressive medium-length, energetic trot, elevated and elastic with good suspension. Short, strong, undeveloped canter with good jump. Free jumps with good judgement and bascule, limited by her rather short canter stride.

Danby, Vermont: Judges: Ahmed Al Samarraie & Adele Furby Hera AF #P-ShA-03-185 (*Shandor x *Heritance [Trakehner] byHabicht)

Six year old grey Part-Shagya mare Breeder: Adele Furby, Owner: Adele Furby

Height: 15.3 hh, 160 cm., Girth: 79 in., 200 cm., Cannon: 20 cm. Scores: 8,8,7,7,7,7,9,7 Average 7.5 Evaluation only Part-Shagya-Trakehner mare with substance and caliber, with long lines and a big frame. Head showing Arabian influence. Neck with good length and fine topline, connecting a little bit low. Long, well-defined withers, long shoulder could be more sloping. Harmonious topline with round, well- muscled hindquarter. Strong and dry legs. Front legs toe in. Medium walk with enough energy and good rhythm. Elevated trot with good impulsion and elasticity, with good rhythm and length of stride. Canter jumping with active hind legs and medium length of stride.

Twenty-three-year old grey Part-Shagya-Arabian stallion Breeder: Ingeborg Wagener, Owners: Mark and Michaela DeCesare Height: 15.1 hh, 155 cm., Girth: 66 in., 169 cm., Cannon: 18.5 cm Scores: 8,9,7,7,8,9,7,9 Average 8.0 Approved for Appendix to Stallion Book I A charismatic older stallion showing purebred Arabian influence and charm. A typey, dry head with an elegant yet masculine expression. An upright neck of good length with a curved topline and a bit too strong muscling on the underside. A long sloping shoulder with a good humerus. Prominent withers but the back is a bit low. Well muscled hindquarters. Good clean legs for his age. Good joints and dry, clean cannons. A long walk with good energy and overstride, and with good use of the back. The trot is good with adequate length. Especially good canter with good rhythm, excellent balance, and good use of the back. Impressive, scopey jumping style with good judgement and bascule, careful and clever.

*Gazin #P-Sh-A-86-227 (Monrad ox x Gharifa by Ghalion ox)

Lily Creek Cameo #P-Sh-00-202 (Sarvar PFF x Bitas China Doll ox by

Bitabask) Nine year old grey Part-Shagya-Arabian mare.

Breeder: Jody Coss, Owner: Dr. Lindsay S. Robbins VMD Height: 14.3 1/2, 151 cm., Girth: 70 in., 183 cm., Cannon: 18 cm. Scores:7,8,7,7,7,8,9,6 Average 7.37 Approved for Appendix to Mare Book I A refined mare showing significant Arabian influence. A feminine dry head with a strong jowl. A neck of good length, set on a bit low. Good depth of body, long well-sloping shoulder with excellent withers extending well into the back. Good hindquarter length and slope, but the point of the croup is a bit too far back and hind leg stifle and hock angles are a little too open. Good legs with good fetlocks and rather fine, dry cannons. Knees and hocks could be stronger. Long, elastic walk with good rhythm and use of the back. Impressive elevated, long trot showing good suspension and impulsion. Short, quick canter showing energy, but not well-supported from behind.

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