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Eureka, California, continued

"KB Shakami Fahim (KB Omega Fahim+++// x Shagya's SzaSza AF by *Shandor) is a young grey mare (4 years old) that was crowned the 2009 AHA Region III Champion Half-Arabian mare." This mare was quite tall (over 16 hands!) and was still quite immature-appearing. Her type, neck and her canter were exceptionally good.

"Then the black 4 year old part Shagya mare, KB Sawda (NASS P- Sh-05-203) (Janos x KB Salim Fahim ox by Amir Fahim+), owned by Sandra Spalding, was inspected. KB Sawda started her dressage career this year and will begin distance riding next year." She was approved for Shagya breeding and especially impressed us with her level-headed, good mind during the Interior Test demonstration (see below).

"Following those inspections was the evaluation of Follow Hope (NASS P-Sh-02-174), owned by Linda Klee, had a very good type as well as a balanced canter. It was interesting for me to observe Follow Hope's owner Linda Klee take a dressage lesson from Elaine the following morning prior to my return flight to Montana. Linda plans to focus on Hope's dressage over the winter and then begin distance riding her again some time in 2010.

Follow Hope and Linda Klee

"The black KB Sequoia Fahim (Shagya Royal AF x KB Salim Fahim ox by Amir Fahim+) is only a yearling, but impressed the judges and received the high score of 8.25." With 9's for type, head, neck and trot, and 8's for body and canter, this was one impressive filly!

" A purebred Arabian mare, KB Salim Fahim, (AHA #454888) (Amir Fahim+ ox x Amyrah Adhemah ox by *Adhem), owned by Elaine Kerrigan, was also presented for inspection. KB Salim Fahim, a winning dressage and endurance horse prior to broodmare duty, is the dam of KB Sequoia Fahim and KB Sawda. The judges were also very impressed with KB Sitka Fahim, this mareʼs 2009 black filly," also by Shagya Royal AF. Interestingly, this mare, who scored mostly 8's, with a 9 for type, is a full sister of Elaine's black stallion KB Omega Fahim +++//, who was also approved for Shagya breeding by NASS in 2003.

KB Salim Fahim ox pedigree and family

Amir Fahim + ox(Prince Ebony x Bimilah) This stallion was Elaine’s breeding and performance stallion for years. He was a son of the well-known “Malabar King”/ Prince Ebony, a 16.1 hand horse who wasn’t considered “typey” enough for the purebred Arabian show crowd.

Amyrah Adhemah(*Adhem x RoyalScarab) *Adhem was a Nazeer grandson who was imported from Egypt. He was a successful producer of athletic horses as well as being “straight Egyptian” . Royal Scarab was a black mare with Babson, *Turfa, Crabbet, and Davenport blood, all of primarily desert origin.

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