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--NASS President Jamie Buck comments- It was my first NASS Breeding Inspection attended since becoming a member the end of 2006. I

flew to Montana a few days prior to the inspections to be with family and get my Shagyas ready for transport back to Georgia. Little did I know I would be the owner of FOUR Shagyas instead of just THREE. It happens every time I go to Montana…

With Adele being on the road all week inspecting Shagyas and not being able to be at her own farm I offered to help her husband Charlie Jonas and Stephany Seay on the Furbys’ ranch with some of the last minute details to be completed prior the inspections and NASS members arrive. Arlene Michaud also came along and worked on the food preparation for a huge crowd. It was dawn to dusk of running and grooming for a few days but we accomplished the task. The weather in Montana was absolutely beautiful. I was able to meet several NASS members that I have corresponded with for a few years as well as Ahmed Al Samarraie. It was a pleasure to finally meet everyone face to face. We all had a wonderful time. We talked Shagyas, shared ideas, talked about

preserving the quality of the Shagya, took tons of photos, and watched several amazing and beautiful Shagyas introduced to the bloodline.

NASS held its Annual meeting this year also in Montana during the inspections. I was surprised by the NASS BOD when I was presented an absolutely gorgeous piece of artwork designed and sculpted by none other than artist – Charlie Jonas! A beautiful bust of a horse head. I had the distinct pleasure of being given a tour of his art studio before I traveled back to Georgia. It was simple amazing. Charlie showed me how he sculpts the clay from the blueprints he designed for the horse head, how each piece was carefully put together and how it was fired in the largest kiln I have ever seen. The work Charlie puts into these pieces is incredibly. I cherish this piece of artwork and it is displayed on a horse carousel table in my “horse” room.

We also had the pleasure of watching Ahmed Al Samarraie brand Shagyas. Two of mine were branded and they turned out perfect.

Overall, my experience firms up even more the importance of maintaining the quality and

preserving the integrity of the Shagya. The importance of knowing where we have been and where we are going with the Shagya is most important to the preservation of the Shagya. Again the importance of an ISG recognized Registry. One last note, Stephanie Seay had some great marketing ideas – which I would love to share one day!

If you were unable to make the Annual Meeting this year I hope to see and meet you next year! Jamie Buck

Jamie Buck photo

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