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That accomplished, Adele felt confident that Charlie and I could handle the rest in her absence. I was excited for the challenge, but I was also beginning to freak out, because Adele, my dominant mare, my mentor, was leaving me in charge of getting nine horses all ready for the big day. This Inspection was an important one for me personally: one of the fillies I was presenting was my own two-year old, Sisu's Starlet AF (Starwalker X Sisu AF). I wanted to make Adele proud, make her horses shine.

In the end, the horses made themselves shine. We did it: every single horse passed. Nikolas ended up being the high- scoring stallion for the whole tour, while my beautiful girl, Starlet, received the highest scores for mares at Adele's Shagyas. This latter was kind of a shock to Adele and myself, especially considering that the two 4-year old fillies we presented have spectacular qualities and movement. But, the judges can only score what they see. And as we heard the judges read Starlet's scores, Adele hugged me. "I can't believe I gave you that horse!" she said jokingly, while we both laughed with tears of joy and surprise. I still can't believe it either, and I am forever grateful. We used up all the daylight that fine September day. We even got a little rain, and as the Inspection was nearing its end, a double-rainbow arched brilliant over the farm...Stephany

Arlene Michaud comments: It was a pleasure to be able to attend the 2009 Inspection In Moises

Montana . Actually My husband Frank and I have attended the 2006 and the 2003 inspections in Moiese at Adele Furbyʼs farm.

Although we did not participate with any horses this time it was still exciting and so nice to see so many friends we have made in the past. Jamie Buck (our NASS President) arrived on Wed. Sept. 16th and was our house guest for the length of the inspection. On Thursday & Friday Jamie & I went to Adeleʼs farm to help Stephany & Charlie get the horses ready for the inspection since Adele was off on the tour. The group arrived Friday evening and we claimed Gwyn Davis as another house guest. Jamie and I had dinner waiting at their arrival. We had a great time exchanging horse stories,visiting and the like. We also prepared food for the entire weekend for all the judges, participants and guests.

It was quite an endeavor but everything turned out very well. Sunday afternoon after all business was taken care of Mr. Al Sammarie proceeded to do some branding at Adeleʼs and we were very excited that he offered to come to Tanglewood to brand Rio Bravo AF and *OʼBajan Spirit. We were greatly honored. It was a very pleasurable time and I look forward to the next Inspection to meet again with some great folks

and we may have some horses to participate also. Arlene

© Frankie Frazzini

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