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The last of the stallions to be inspected was Nicolette’s Revelation AF, a bay stallion sired by Shagya Royal AF out of the imported O’Bajan I-10 daughter *Nicolette. Also bed and owned by Adele, this is an impressive horse , already 16 hands at age three. He has a near-perfect topline which he puts to good use with his elastic ground covering gaits.

Since Adele had been very busy organizing the inspection tour and judging, which used up all of her very limited spare time, she was very worried that the stallions would not be sufficiently prepared to meet our new free jumping requirements. Not to worry –while Adele was off judging around the country, Charlie and Stephany prepared a jumping chute, schooled “the boys” for a day, and all performed impressively – after all, these are Shagyas! Onyx AF was excused from jumping due to a stifle injury. *Hadban went first and took his task very seriously, focusing intently and jumping carefully and economically. The younger boys were a bit more exuberant, and the increase in height with each successive pass only served to fuel their enthusiasm. With all three horses, one had the feeling that they could jump much higher and wider than even our jumping test required.

The free jumping ended the morning session, and all the attendees enjoyed a delicious lunch in glorious weather amidst the lovely Montana scenery. After lunch we inspected four purebred Shagya Arabian mares, all bred by Adele.

© Frankie Frazzini Nicolette’s Revelation AF

The first mare was Adele’s aptly named Elegant Star AF (Starwalker by Empresse Estelle). This gray mare had a lovely type, with a very feminine – and elegant - demeanor. Next we saw Rebecca Blair’s Shagya’s Sarabande AF, a four-year-old Shandor daughter out of the imported *Shagya II-2. Like her sisters seen in previous inspections, this mare is powerfully built and still maturing into her size. The third mare on the list was Sisu’s Starlet AF, owned by Stephany Seay. She is by Starwalker out of Shagya’s Sisu, who is a *Shagya II-2 daughter. This mare, like Sarabande, had the size and power seen in the *Shagya II-2 line, and will mature into a very substantial mare. Her owner Stephany is justifiably proud of her, and it will be fun to see both Sarabande and Starlet in the years to come. The final mare inspected was the two-year-old bay Rexanne Star AF (Starwalker x Shagya Regine), also owned by Adele. Another big girl (15.3 ½ hands at two years of age!), she is still so busy growing that she was not as harmonious as she will one day be. A shoulder injury hampered her walk, but her trot was powerful and impressive.

Finally the Shagya gelding , the Janos son Shagya Skamp was evaluated. This four-year-old gelding was quite a confident fellow (even a bit of a show-off!) and impressed us with his lovely type and personality. Jamie Bratt presented him, and it was apparent to all that she and Skamp had developed a special bond, so it was no surprise to hear that she is now his proud owner (or vice versa…). This will be a great pair to watch.

We concluded the day with a great dinner and good conversation. I very much enjoyed judging with Mr. Al Samarraie; we mostly had very good agreement with our assessments, and lively and amiable discussions when our impressions differed slightly.” ...........Kathy

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